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Is it dangerous to take pictures of the sun without any filter? [duplicate]

I captured this photo a few minutes ago : The circle you see is the Sun :|. When I was taking this picture, I was in Live-View Mode with ...
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Will I hurt my camera if I take a picture of the Sun? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can the sun damage the camera sensor? Under what conditions? Title says it all...can taking a picture of the sun damage any of the components? And along the same lines, is it ...
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Can I take pictures of the sun without damaging anything? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Can the sun damage the camera sensor? Under what conditions? .. and by that I mean not damaging : my eyesight my camera my lens I imagine a proper ND filter could allow me ...
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How safe is it to photograph sunset or sunrise? [duplicate]

I took the following photographs of sunset at beach. I know that photographing sun could damage the camera or even eyes, but the intensity of the sun light at the time I captured it was so weak that I ...
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Is this a good rule to know when I can shoot the sun? "if the sun is not too bright to look at with naked eye, then it's not too bright for a DSLR" [duplicate]

Most of what I have read about this, say that whether or not the sun is bright enough to harm the DSLR, depends on a lot of factors e.g. time of day, cloud cover etc. What setting aperture, shutter ...
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Can I damage my Sony a6300 sensor if the sun is in my photo? [duplicate]

I took a few photos this weekend of a mountain range, and the sun was up above them, off to the top right for most of the photos. I was taking these photos (moving the angle around and whatnot) for ...
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Is exposing my DSLR to a very intense source of direct light bad? [duplicate]

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Protecting from sun when taking pictures [duplicate]

I've read that taking picture of the sun without protection is a recipe for trouble both for the lens and for the shooter's eyes... I took this kind of picture this morning, do you think it's ...
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How can I photograph welding?

My partner is creating a sculptural work using MIG welding and has asked me to document the process. I have a few questions regarding how to photograph it? Looking at the arc can damage your eye-...
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Can it be dangerous to look at the sun through the viewfinder?

A few minutes ago I went outside to take a panorama on my lawn with my DSLR, but I accidentally looked at the sun through the viewfinder. Is that dangerous? I just saw a black spot for about 30 ...
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What are the pros and cons of mechanical vs electronic shutter?

I recently bought a new camera that has a choice between using a mechanical shutter or an electronic shutter. (A Panasonic FZ300 if it matters.) I tried taking a few pictures each way and I see no ...
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How many pictures can you take with a Sony mirrorless camera before the sensor fails? [duplicate]

What is the frames limit of the mirrorless cameras sensor? When should it be changed (for example on the Sony a6000 series or on the Sony a7)?
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What kind of filter do I need for safe sun photography?

I'm a novice photographer but I'm really interested in Astrophotography. Since I don't want to go full equipment, spending too much, without knowing the basis, I need to ask for help here on Stack. I ...
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How long is too long to leave the shutter open before prolonged exposure to light damages the sensor?

I'm about to start exploring the world of long exposure shots, using my Canon EOS M. The camera has a standard max exposure time of 30 seconds, but in bulb mode I can keep the shutter open ...
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Can the sun damage the sensor on a mirrorless camera?

I'm researching a good technique for taking pics of the upcoming solar eclipse and I want to use my Sony NEX-6 mirrorless camera. I found this question here from 2010 but no one brings up mirrorless ...
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