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What price should I charge for my first wedding as a Amateur photographer? [duplicate]

I am an amateur photographer. I was asked by one of the public to be their wedding photographer, after seeing a lot of my work online! This would be my first wedding and not sure what to charge!
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Is my current gear sufficient for wedding photography?

I would like to know if my current gear is sufficient to start doing wedding photography? I use a Nikon D5100, with an 18–55mm kit lens, 70–200mm Sigma lens, and 50mm f/1.8 lens. I have taken some ...
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How much should an amateur charge for a portrait session?

I am fairly new to photography and have done a few high-school senior sessions of friends here and there. I have been getting more and more requests to photograph families, seniors, etc. and am ...
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How do I prepare best for my first wedding photography event?

I am going to shoot a wedding this weekend, and I want to do my best for my friend's big day. What can I do to prepare for the day in order to minimize failures and mistakes? How do I avoid missing ...
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How do I go about becoming a second shooter for a wedding photographer?

Okay, I'd like to get to know more about photography, but not in a super serious way. In particular, I'd like to find a few photographers that I could offer to be second shoot, so I can improve my ...
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Tips for photographing a wedding

I guess this comes up for most of us that are known by friends as "the photographer"... I've been asked to be the official photographer at a wedding. I think I have the equipment sorted. I have my ...
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How do I prepare best for my first wedding photography event? [duplicate]

I have a friend that wants me to take photos at her sisters wedding in the church and at the reception hall. This will be my first wedding shoot. I have no idea what to charge, how many pictures to ...
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How to become a wedding photographer?

I'm trying to break into the wedding business. I already have great equipment, etc but how do you build your portfolio? Especially if you live in a new state with very few contacts?
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Cost to take and edit a photo? [closed]

My daughter is 16 and has a passion for photography and is quite good. Her friend asked her to take and edit pictures of flowers for her website and wants to pay her... How would you go about ...
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First Wedding - What to charge? [duplicate]

I have been asked to shoot a wedding for one of my co-workers. I am not a professional but the bride to be has see some of my pics from parties and such and she really liked my style. This will be an ...
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