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What is the difference between APS-C and Full Frame sensor? [duplicate]

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how does full frame cameras give better bokeh than crop sensor? [duplicate]

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Is there really a difference between crop and FF sensors anymore in regards to pic quality? [duplicate]

It seem to me that everything is a numbers game. Better lens better ISO technologies better more modern camera etc etc. These days a canon 80D ...Is it really that much different picture quality then ...
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What Do I Gain from Moving to a Full-Frame DSLR? [duplicate]

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Full frame or not? [duplicate]

I am struggling to decide between the 5D and the 70D as an upgrade to a 600D. I am an amateur photographer achieving pleasing results with my 600 and I have 5 good lenses. The kit (18-135) is an EF-S ...
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Canon 5D Mark II vs Canon 1200D on 50mm Prime Lens [duplicate]

I have a Canon 1200D and 50mm f1.8 Prime Lens, I have shot some pretty awesome pictures with this combo. Now that I am planning for a High End DSLR, I just want to know what will be the exact ...
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Why move from Nikon DX to FX [duplicate]

I'm just getting into Real Estate photography, I'm currently using a D3100 that seems to work well for me so far. I have been told I really need to move up to a FX camera body. Ok I understand the ...
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Full Frame Vs Crop Frame [duplicate]

I have somewhat idea of the difference between these but would like to understand it with an example. Few questions Nikon D7000 Vs equivalent Full frame camera 1) Portraits : Would there be any ...
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Brightness of a full frame lens mounted on aps-c vs mounting an identical native aps-c lens [duplicate]

I am a bit confused about the effect of using a full-frame lens on a aps-c camera on the brightness of the resulting image. Lets say we have two lenses: A full frame 50mm f2 lens An aps-c 50mm f2 ...
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Should I switch from D300s to D700? [duplicate]

I have the opportunity to upgrade my DLSR from a D300s to a D700. It'll cost me around $200 to do so. Do you think that it worth it? Is the full-frame sensor of the D700 really that much less noisy ...
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Does my crop sensor camera actually turn my lenses into a longer focal length?

So, I mount a 200mm lens on my Canon 450D. It effectively becomes a 320mm lens. Is this the equivalent of 320mm on a full frame camera? That is, from what I've figured out I get an equivalent field of ...
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Why does a bigger sensor lead to a shallower depth of field?

It has been mentioned at a few places that a larger sensor results in images with a shallower depth of field. Example image: APS-C Canon 30D left, FF Canon 5D right, same lens¹, same composition, ...
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Is crop-factor a bad thing?

It seems to me that there is a preference for full-frame sensors rather than cropped sensors, and I'm curious as to why. It seems to me, that the cropped sensor means that I get more bang for my buck ...
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Should I get DX for my APS-C camera, or FX lenses in case I upgrade to full-frame in the future?

I recently bought a Nikon D90 camera body, which has a "DX" APS-C-sized sensor.. Within the same budget, should I go with DX lenses or should I get full frame lenses in case I upgrade to a full frame ...
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