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When to use high iso and a short shutter time and vice versa? [duplicate]

In what situations you can use a high iso value and a short shutter time, or use a low iso value and a long shutter time? What will be the difference between two pictures of exactly the same scene, ...
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Higher ISO Camera V.S Brighter Lighting [duplicate]

Whenever I take photos in bad lighting I always wonder if I should use a higher ISO camera or instead use brighter lighting. Please no opinions- just comparisons!
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Why is same image exposed at 100 ISO noisier than 3200 ISO? [duplicate]

I used to believe that ISO adds noise as a drawback to increasing exposure, but after researching the topic I arrived at the conclusion that it is a misconception. By amplifying the existing signal ...
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What does "expanded ISO" mean?

The ISO specification for the Canon EOS 7D reads as follows: High ISO For handheld shooting in low light, the EOS 7D offers ISO speeds of up to 6400. Expandable to ISO 12800, for low light ...
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How is ISO implemented in digital cameras?

If I change the ISO settings on my camera, obviously the gain of the system is increased, amplifying the signal from the sensor. What's not clear to me is where the amplification takes place. I see ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of using auto ISO on a DSLR?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using auto ISO on a DSLR? Using manual ISO obviously gives you more control, but auto ISO may mean that you get "the shot" under quickly changing ...
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What is meant by the "native ISO" when talking about DSLRs?

The new Nikon D7000 is out, and a lot of previews has touted the "native iso" of D7000 to be 100. What does this actually mean? I'm assuming it means it performs at its best at iso 100, which means ...
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Why would using higher ISO and faster shutter speed yield more noise than using lower ISO and slower shutter speed?

I'm trying to see how this answer correlates with practice. That answer basically says I need to let enough light into the camera and then use the highest ISO value and I'll get the lowest noise then. ...
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In situations where you aren't compelled to pick high ISO (low light/needing a high shutter speed), is there ever a reason to NOT prefer low ISO?

Given the same amount of exposure, sometimes you may prefer smaller or bigger aperture because you may want high or low depth of field. Similarly, sometimes you may prefer slow or fast shutter speed, ...
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How can I reduce noise at ISO 100 in photos taken in the twilight?

I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel T5 and sometimes see noise even when shooting at ISO 100. Is this just because there is not enough light in the dark portions of the picture (seen below)? Is this a ...
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Is Poisson Noise ("Shot Noise") a significant source of noise for typical photography?

In this answer, @jrista states that even a camera with a perfect, noiseless sensor would still have noise due to "Poisson noise" aka "Photon Shot Noise" - noise caused by the random variations of ...
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Is it technologically possible for a sensor to run two ISO's at once?

This question (Why don't digital cameras have better dynamic ranges?) combined with a typical sunset photo got me thinking... Exposure differences between sky and ground in a sunset shot are ...
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Which ISO should I use for the cleanest image? [duplicate]

Assume the case of a Canon 6D Mark II. Its lowest ISO is regulary 100. If expanded, I can set it to L, which is ISO 50. Until now, I was always under the ...
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What is the significance of a camera's ISO Invariant point?

My understanding is that many cameras have ISO settings which are beyond the "true" ISO capabilities of the sensor, and that to achieve higher values, the camera itself performs "back-end digital ...
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What ISO to minimise noise for long exposures with a tripod mounted DLSR?

I often find myself taking still pictures of some gizmo using a tripod mounted DLSR. One decision that always vexes me is what ISO to set my camera to and so minimise sensor noise. The important ...
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