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What is the Lightroom equivalent of setting the contrast to -2 in the camera?

I am playing with the different picture styles directly from my Canon 5D-II and I would like to know if there is some sort of mapping with what I can do in Lightroom. What is the equivalent of -2 ...
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Wrong color in Camera Raw

I use Canon 1D X Mark II. When I open a file in raw format in Camera Raw, I notice that the color is so much different from that file opened in Canon Digital Professional 4 and in Photos (Window 10). ...
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Mathematical definition of EV on a RAW photo? [duplicate]

I'm trying to write a program that takes in a matrix full of 12-bit RAW sensor values (that range from [512-4096]) (512 is the BAYER sensor black level--> i.e. what pure black is defined as) and ...
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Why do preview images in camera LCDs, phone screens, and editing applications appear darker, or with more saturated colors? [duplicate]

For many years now, I've noticed that cameras of different sorts and image editing program display a preview image of different colors from the final image, while it's loading the final image. I've ...
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