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Orange “aura” around people/objects in photo, usually present with older cameras? [duplicate]

I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask but I’ve been unable to figure out what exactly this is. It’s an effect, seemingly unintentional, that makes people and things have orange blurs around ...
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When should you use a normal flash vs a second-curtain flash?

There have been many questions lately that focus on improving the quality of the image taken, where the answers circle around using a second-curtain flash to reduce blur and freeze motion. Why not ...
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What's the difference between exposure and shutter speed?

Is there a difference between exposure and shutter speed, or are the terms interchangeable? I read that "If you use a quick shutter speed, you can just raise the exposure to compensate." Is this ...
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How is the circular motion blur created in this Instagram image?

How is the circular motion blur created in this picture? Is it a result of rear-curtain sync? If so how does one accomplish this? Original image
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How can I capture blurry movement and freeze a subject in the same photograph?

I can see the blurry movement, certainly achieved by setting the shutter speed low. But wouldn't this cause the guy to be blurry too? Is it possible to take this picture only using the camera? Or ...
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Taking a skyline photo with a person closer to the camera during night time

How can I take a photo which shows the skyline and the person who is standing around six feet away from the camera with proper lighting at night? For taking just the skyline I've used long shutter ...
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Disadvantages of always setting flash sync to 1/320s (Auto FP)?

Is there any disadvantage using the highest possible flash sync speed all the time? That is, leaving the flash sync setting at 1/320s (AutoFP) even when using a slower shutter speed? Here are my ...
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How do I get my Canon 60D to use short shutter speeds with flash in Av mode? [duplicate]

Last night I tried to get some club shots with my 60D (with the 16-35 2.8L lens) at ISO 1600. I had about ¹⁄₁₅ — ¹⁄₂₀ seconds at f/2.8, all in Av mode. When I raised the pop-up flash, I hoped that ...
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How to have motion blur only behind the subject?

Motion blur can be used to give the impression of speed, but it affects both the front and the back of the moving object: Drawings instead show a trailing blur with sharp leading edges: Is there any ...
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Why does flash decrease motion blur? [duplicate]

While experimenting with my 600d, I have noticed that on the same shutter speed, without inbuilt flash I get motion blur in my pictures, but with flash there is little to not motion blur (on the same ...
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How does dragging the shutter work?

I am reading a photography book which talk about dragging the shutter when a flash is used. It just tell me how to do this trick but doesn't explain why. Can someone here tell me more about how it ...
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Why don't semi-automatic modes on a DSLR take flash into account when calculating exposure?

I've purchased a TTL flash today and was surprised to learn that the camera (Canon 77D) is apparently not taking it into account when you set it to aperture priority or any other automatic mode. The ...
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What is this shadow in my photo?

I'm pretty sure the subject didn't move, the shutter speed was ok @1/80s. I was using Canon 70D + 18-55mm IS STM and a built-in flash and shot in RAW. What it could be? What may be causing this?
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Why is shutter speed almost always too long with my Panasonic Lumux GH4 in iA mode?

I recently purchased the Lumix GH4 and I am having problems with indoor flash photos. I have a zoom lens that I rarely use, a Leica DG NOCTICRON 42.5mm/F1.2, and a Leica SUMMILUX 25mm f/1.4 Lens. ...
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Canon 600D Exposure Lock and Flash Exposure Lock

I'm using my 600D in Av mode and can't seem to fathom the FEL function. Backtracking a bit, with the flash closed, I can point the camera to a light area, press the "*" button, point to a dark area ...
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