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What exactly determines depth of field?

There are several questions here about the definition of depth of field, about focal length, and about subject distance. And of course there's the basic how does aperture affect my photographs. And ...
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Unsharp mask - what do the parameters do?

I'm interested in getting into post-processing stuff, and I'm wondering about the Unsharp Mask operation. Specifically, there are 3 parameters involved: amount radius threshold What do these do? ...
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Is camera lens focus an exact point or a range?

I have often wondered if the focus of a lens at a particular focal length is an exact point or a range within a few millimeters. This becomes all the more important when manually focussing. How far ...
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Why is the area in focus in front of the focus distance narrower than behind it?

I guess the title and the picture explain my question well.
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Focusing on hyperfocal distance with Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G prime lens [duplicate]

I have a Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G lens on a Nikon D7000 body. I have a theoretical understanding of hyperfocal distance. And it seems like the lenses with an clear indication of "infinite" focus point are ...
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What's the furthest you should stand with a 35mm lens at f1.8?

I understand the principles of depth of field, but am unclear as to what the recommended further distance is when you want to use a lower f stop. Surely at some point, your subject will go out of ...
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Any truth that depth of field extends from one-third in front of focal point to two-thirds behind it?

In the book Digital Photography Complete Course, there is a page that discusses and illustrates depth of field: There is an info box that says the following: The point at which you focus the lens ...
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How do I specify circle of confusion and depth of focus in practice?

This question is related to this one; I am asking a very similar one because I didn't see in the answers how to arrive to a numeric answer in practice. Suppose I'm going to shoot a portrait and have ...
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Is deep depth of field AND bright exposure possible?

I know that a larger aperture corresponds to a brighter exposure and shallower depth of field for a given focal length. Is it optically possible for a custom-built camera to form an image with both a ...
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Is there any mirrorless camera that can mark areas within DoF in the EVF?

All mirrorless cameras have the image in the rear LCD and the electronic viewfinder (EVF) fully generated by a computer, making many utilities such as noise removal, text overlays, histograms, etc ...
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Is the hyperfocal distance calculation outdated?

The hyperfocal distance H is calculated by H = (f^2)/(N*c)+f where f is the focal length, N the f-stop and c the circle of confusion limit. Lets assume we use a fullframe sensor. All those calculators ...
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What are appropriate Circle of Confusion values for high-megapixel cameras? [duplicate]

Since the film days we have used 0.03 CoC for determining depth of field and similar calculations. In digital terms, does this best match with 6 or 12 or 24 or 36Mpixel full frame sensors? If this ...
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Find hyperfocal distance for HD (1920x1080) resolution?

I'm using to prepare tables with hyperfocal distances for my camera. The most important camera-specific info I have to plug in is the circle of confusion (0.019mm for my Canon EOS600D). ...
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Automatic Depth-of-Field in modern cameras?

What modern cameras (DSLR or mirrorless) have automatic depth of field exposure setting functionality? It would be desirable for example to specify a desired DOF based on subject size (or 'depth') ...
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How can I measure the exact range of focus of a given fixed focus webcam?

By moving objects around the camera I can see that they get very blurry at 10cm and less sharp at 3-4m away from the camera but how can I measure the exact range of focus? If I check the sharpness of ...
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