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Does simply opening and closing a JPEG file decrease image quality?

I've had quite a few photography classes, read many photography books, and screened many forums. And I can't find a consistent answer to this question. One "camp" says there is a loss of image quality ...
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How can I add a border to a JPEG photo without affecting quality?

I have a photo in JPEG format with resolution 4680x3120. I want to add a white border around this photo, turning it into a 5200x3467 photo (for printing reasons). Clearly, I am not altering or ...
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What factors cause or prevent "generational loss" when JPEGs are recompressed multiple times?

For years, I've believed that recompressing JPEG files multiple times would gradually degrade its quality until they are an unrecognizable mess, the way making photocopies of photocopies does. This ...
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Working on JPEG saved from RAW is this the same as working on RAW ?

I have a few questions about the RAW format. It may be silly but I love that some explanations on the subject. First of all, I know that RAW has many advantages over JPEG for post-production (in my ...
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Does a JPEG image uncompressed to bitmap prior to displaying it on the screen [closed]

Does a JPEG image converted back to bitmap image when displayed on the screen? Does it occupy more memory than the actual file-size when it is being displayed? Does JPEG images, if added to the web-...
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Should two identical digital pictures of the same resolution and format have the same size?

I apologize if this is the wrong stack exchange site, but I thought my question might be too specific to photo encoding for stack exchange. I recently recovered a host of digital picture files from a ...
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Does Lightroom 5 do any lossless operations on JPEGs?

There are many lossless transformations that can be done on JPEGs: Crop Rotate by 90 or 180 degrees in either direction Flip horizontally or vertically Transpose along either diagonal axis Modify ...
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Is there an easy way to export photos from Lightroom in original format if they're unedited?

When I export a folder or collection from Lightroom, I want unedited photos exported in their original format (like DNG, ARW, PNG) and edited photos exported in a chosen format, like JPEG. Is there ...
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In Lightroom CC, Can I export using same quality as original jpeg

In Lightroom CC, I'm working with *.jpg files imported from a cell phone (Samsung Gallaxy S9), not RAW files. I've made changes inside Lightroom and go to export my images. (Q) What quality ...
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2 Versions of a Photo: Same resolution, image diff shows no difference, but different filesize

I have two versions of a JPG photo. According to the metadata, one has been saved in Shotwell while the other one is probably the orginal. Both files have the same resolution, dpi, bit depth, color ...
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