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How do I prepare best for my first wedding photography event? [duplicate]

I have a friend that wants me to take photos at her sisters wedding in the church and at the reception hall. This will be my first wedding shoot. I have no idea what to charge, how many pictures to ...
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What Canon lens, besides my 50mm f/1.8, should I get for my first wedding shoot? [duplicate]

I am shooting my first wedding in September and I have a Canon rebel t3i with a 50 mm 1.8 and I am trying to find a good lens under $900 dollars for the wedding so I am not stuck with just one lens. ...
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what are keypoints for good wedding photography? [duplicate]

I am soon going to make my first wedding shot. I am scared as I dont know what is important and what to look for. What are the keypoints at wedding photography? What should I be aware of? What gear ...
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How do I go about becoming a second shooter for a wedding photographer?

Okay, I'd like to get to know more about photography, but not in a super serious way. In particular, I'd like to find a few photographers that I could offer to be second shoot, so I can improve my ...
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I keep getting asked to do wedding photography - what is a fair price to ask?

This may sound like a silly post...but, I need some "outside" opinion from people who know what they are doing. I took up amateur photography as a hobby a couple of years ago...most of it being ...
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How do I get the best results when photographing a christening?

I take some halfway decent photos and have been asked by a family friend to photograph her daughter's christening. I have a Canon EOE350D camera, a 50mm f/1.8 lens and an 18-55mm f/5.6 kit lens, but ...
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Which focal length should be 'always on' for a wedding?

I'm going to be the photographer at a relative's wedding (I know, don't do it yada yada). Having never done a wedding before, I've done as much preparation as I can as well as borrowed some additional ...
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Portrait photographer asked to shoot a wedding — how should I respond?

I've slowly been building my portrait photography business, mostly doing engagement sessions. One thing I'm still stuck on is wedding photography. I do love it, but I am still so unsure if I should ...
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How do I photograph a wedding in the rain?

I've shot weddings before, but being in Minnesota they almost always have an indoor venue available due to the long cold winters that we have. I am coming up on a wedding that I will likely be ...
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What price should I charge for my first wedding as a Amateur photographer? [duplicate]

I am an amateur photographer. I was asked by one of the public to be their wedding photographer, after seeing a lot of my work online! This would be my first wedding and not sure what to charge!
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What to look out for in indoor restaurant photography?

I'm tasked with documenting a company event we are hosting in an restaurant. As you can see the place is lighted but I'm sure it's still consider dark for photography. I'm not a professional ...
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Will L glass lenses compared to what I have upgrade my overall Image Quality?

I currently shoot with a Canon T5i and plan on upgrading to either a 6D or 7D Mark II (another topic). To go with my new body, I want a new lens. I currently have the following: 10-18mm f4.5-5.6 IS ...
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Can anyone offer me some shooting advice for a wedding ceremony?

I will be taking some photos at a friend's wedding. Mainly the ceremony. It will be outdoors in some very nice gardens and a little before sunset, around 6.15pm while sunset is at 7.20pm in that city. ...
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Which one wide-medium canon lens is best for an indoor/outdoor wedding? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which one wide-medium lens to buy as the main lens for an outdoor wedding? I am an amateur photographer. I have taken senior and family photos for friends. However, my cousin ...
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What focal length is typical for Wedding Photography? [closed]

I am looking to start a wedding photography business and would like to understand what the best length is for the lenses.
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