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What did pros do when their photos storage getting huge? [duplicate]

I have been shooting digital for more that 10 years, now my photos are getting very huge. it was not a problem since I have a huge storage. But these huge photos began to bother me whenever something ...
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How do you backup your photos? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What method is best to take backups of your digital photos? Just as the question says: How do you guys back up your images? CDs DVDs SD cards Internal/external HDD or SSD USB ...
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What are backup options for the lazy but paranoid dSLR user?

My main computer is a laptop, so disk space is at a premium. I have been taking RAW photos on and off for 18 months and I'm worried about disk space now. What options do I have for backing up my files?...
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What storage solutions are there for working with large volumes of digital photo data?

I'm dating a professional photographer that has been accumulating digital images at an alarming rate (thousands of high-res images per month). Does anyone have any recommendations of external and/or ...
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What are the first few steps a beginner should take in post processing?

I'm starting to learn more about post processing my images, and I'm just wondering what are the first few steps I should take into post processing that would have the biggest effect on the photos I ...
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Should I store unedited/raw, edited, or watermarked images while backing up on DVD/CD?

I have decided to store my photos on DVD/CDs as one form of back-up. I am struggling with what to back up though. The following are the stages my photos go through: 1. Save the unedited photos, i....
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What are the rules for editing a photo?

I just got a comment that I must edit my photo. God know how many hours I have spent editing my photos. Thus I was a little bit surprised. It was explained that there are certain rules when doing ...
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how to backup large amounts of photos at home?

I have just lost an external drive and am looking for a more robust/ reliable way of backing up photos. I don't think the cloud is ready for me because I topically shoot 100 keepers and at 20MB each ...
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Backup+format or buy a new SD card?

It's come to the time where my 128GB Samsung Micro SD has only 1% of its capacity left. Given I'm going travelling this summer, I need more memory to shoot. Is it better for me to buy a USB 1TB HDD, ...
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What's the optimal size/quality for downsized photos for archival storage?

I shoot a lot of photos (over 8000 currently at average 6MB in size ) with my Canon T2i. My hard drive ran low on space over time so I decided to size down existing pictures using Picasa. My ...
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