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Why are large aperture lenses so expensive? [duplicate]

Why are lenses with very large apertures so expensive? For example, generally speaking, there is a significant price difference between a f/1.8, f/1.4 and f/1.2 lens of the same focal length. Doesn't ...
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What is the difference between these lenses? [duplicate]

I was looking at Canon lenses and I saw that there were a lot of different 35mm f/1.4 lenses that varied greatly in price and I'd like to know why there is such a huge range of prices for a single ...
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Why is the price between these two lens differ so much? [duplicate]

I am a beginner in photography and trying to understand about camera lenses. This morning I came across Mike Matas' video which was made using this thousand dollars Canon 50mm. I also have a 50mm ...
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Why are lenses always round in shape?

Why are lenses round in shape although the image sensor is not? Why they can not be square or something matching the shape of image sensor?
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Is there a noticeable difference between 1.8 and 1.4 prime lenses?

I have been shopping around for a prime lens for my Nikon D50. I noticed that the 1.8 is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the 1.4 AF-S. What will I gain for that cost difference? Is it really ...
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Really? Why does a Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 cost almost $2,000?

I am trying to price out a 35mm f/1.4 lens for my Nikon D7000, and I am shocked to find that B&H sells them for almost $2,000, whereas the f/1.8 sells for a couple hundred. Am I looking at the ...
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What is the difference between Canon "L" lenses and non-L lenses?

The Canon L lenses are much more expensive and presumably much better quality than non-L lenses. What makes an "L" lens? How much better are they over a similar length/speed "ordinary" canon lenses?
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Do I need other camera lenses if I have an 18-200mm or other super-zoom?

I wanted to ask that once you have purchased a lens of say 18-200mm, then is it required to purchase other lenses — say 24-70mm, 24-105mm, 18-105mm, 28-135mm,etc. Does 18-200mm lens satisfy all the ...
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Why are 50mm Lenses Cheaper?

There is no doubt that 50mm lenses, if all other variables are held equal, will beat any other lens when it comes to value for price (lower f/number). I want to know why. Possible theories I have ...
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Why are some lenses so expensive?

I have read about and seen many lenses that are very expensive; upwards of 8-10 thousand (US) dollars. I ran across this lens and it was priced at an incredible 26,000 dollars. And this one at 102,000!...
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Why does higher aperture (less light) make an image sharper?

Why does higher aperture, less light, make an image sharper? Or rather make everything in focus? And how does this lead to lenses having a sweet spot in sharpness?
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Do non-distorted wide angle lenses exist for the Pentax KR?

I do a lot of shots for work (interior design). We use a Pentax KR, which we like, but because of the size limitations of some rooms, it's hard to get a decent photo of them displaying how the room ...
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Why don't we have a single lens e.g. say a 18-200 f/1.2 lens for the SLR camera? [duplicate]

Right now we have multiple interchangeable lenses. So why don't we have a single lens, say a 18-200 f/1.2 lens? Are camera manufacturers deliberately avoiding that or it is that it is physically ...
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How does having a large diameter make the SEL85F1.4 a premium lens?

I have been reading about Focal length and Fast lenses when I came across this lens which has 85mm focal length and F1.4 as FStop. Generally ...
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Why does image quality vary across lenses, and what to look for when comparing?

I just picked up a mint SMC Takumar 28mm f3.5 lens. From what I read people say it provides quite good image quality. And the things I read about my Canon T3 kit lens 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS, is that it ...
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