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How to capture detail of craters on the moon? [duplicate]

How can I photograph the moon so that I see detail of the craters and mountains? I have a Canon EOS 550D (T2i) and tried "No Flash", "P" as well as creative auto mode, but to no avail. Every time I ...
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Moon photography [duplicate]

Hi I am a photography hoobyist. At the moment I am using a Nikon D3100 with the standard kit lens (18-55mm). I am interested in taking photos of the moon. I am debating whether to buy a 55-200mm lens ...
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How can I explain focal length to someone who isn't into photography?

Context So my friends and family are curious about how far my lens can reach. I usually explain with focal length and show them a few pictures. Question Is there any easier way to explain what ...
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How to capture details of the moon?

I just purchased a D5100 and I am slowly learning the basics. I mostly shoot landscape/scenery shots. I have been trying to capture the full moon unsuccessfully. It looks focused in the ...
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Which galaxies can we photograph with a DSLR and a telephoto lens?

I see a lot of photos of the milky way by photographers using wide angle lenses. I'm wondering if there are other galaxies that can be photographed by using a telephoto lens (>500mm). How do I figure ...
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How should I choose time for photographing the moon?

In this answer, Derrick suggests that you have to choose your time carefully to get good shadows How exactly should I go about choosing appropriate time, what should I take into account? Are there ...
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How do you get moon zoomed over foreground? [duplicate]

How does one get a picture similar to the one below with a crop sensor DSLR and using kit lens or 70-300mm lens without post-processing?
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How do I photograph the moon with a compact camera?

I have a point and shoot digital camera, with a 26x optical zoom and 10 mega-pixel resolution. What are the adjustments that I should do to get a nice photograph of moon in the night? What are the ...
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Why do moon shots bring out the worst in telephoto lenses?

Assumption: The moon is just monochrome rock with some coarse structures, any old telephoto lens (including cheap 500/8s or junk mirror lenses) that is capable of taking a recognizable photo at all ...
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How big is the sun in an image made with Canon APS-C and 300mm focal length?

I am trying to decide what lens should I use for eclipse and I am wondering if my 70-300 IS USM would be enough or should I get (rent) a lens with higher magnification. Since my solar filters are ...
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How to capture supermoon using a Fujifilm X100T?

I am a novice photographer. I have a Fujifilm X100T, which has a fixed 35mm-equivalent lens. As today is the supermoon lunar eclipse, I want to capture the moon with my camera. I was wondering if ...
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What are the optimal settings to photograph moon/dawn/sunrise/dusk/sunset? [duplicate]

I just got a new camera, a Canon EOS Rebel xti and I am still learning what it can do. What setting or ISO should I use to take a photo of a moon (with/without landscape)? And what setting or ISO do I ...
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What can I expect when shooting the moon with a 55-200mm zoom lens w/ 2X teleconverter?

I am planning to buy a 2X teleconverter for my Nikon 55–200 mm AF-S f/4–5.5 to capture the moon and other planets. (After connecting the 2X teleconverter the lens will become 110–400 mm and f/8–11) ...
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Is two teleconverters on a sigma 150-600 sharper than one on a 1100mm mirror lens?

I was considering taking photos of the moon and stumbled on a review of the MTO 1000a mirror lens. This is acording to this site a sovjet design from the eighties of an 1000mm mirror lens. (Some other ...
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Picking a lens for moon photo [duplicate]

So I have a Nikon D5500 with kit lens and wish to take nicer pictures of the moon, I have a tripod and remote control. Can someone tell me what I need lens wise, AF-s(??) DX(??) make(??), all I know ...
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