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How can I create an image with a round globe like center? [duplicate]

How did this person create this shot of a tree in the center, the buildings circling it, and grass all around the edges? I love this example and someday I want to make a similar one with snow and ...
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How to do 360 Polar Panorama in Photography? [duplicate]

I Have here a 360 Panorama picture from random Web search: I want to ask how to do this, do I need some special lens or any equipment to do this? It's kind a tricky I guess.
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How are virtual tour photos taken?

I am currently working to design a flash virtual tour, but I know little about how the photographs are taken. Ideally I'd like to be able to take a set of 6 shots from a single focal point, and be ...
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What are the best techniques to take 360° panoramas?

I always wondered what are the best techniques, hints, and tips for a great panoramic shoot?
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What kind of files can I get out of a Ricoh Theta S?

When shooting full sphere panoramic photos with the Ricoh Theta S, what kind of files can I get out of it? Is it possible to get the two files before stitching? Or do I always get the final product? ...
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How to transform an image's area into a cube - with photos

I am doing a project for a client and I need to manipulate a photograph; either by photoshop or by taking the shot at a specific angel/lens. My goal is to turn all the quadrants of photos into a cube ...
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When to use what panorama projection?

I just counted the number of projections available in PtAssembler and came up with 25. Some of those 25 are probably just there just to say that it's there and are not actually useful. Plus, there are ...
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I want to make a 360 degree photo in one static photo

How can I make a photo like this using my Smart Phone camera and Photoshop?
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What can I do to improve my panoramas [closed]

I'm currently experimenting with mountain/countryside panoramas, using a Sigma 105mm f/2.5 DG macro HSM lens adapted to my EOS-M5. Here's my set of basic rules for making a set of photos to be ...
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What software should I use to view a photo like this?

Should I use some specific software/app to open it? I have tried panorama / spherical viewers but failed to open the picture properly. Here is the photo: This is what I expect:
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Is there a way to produce this "little planet"-type self portrait in a single-exposure?

The BBC News article UK Antarctic meteorite hunt bags large haul shows this ultra wide angle and likely "little planet"-type of self portrait. I can't understand how this effect is produced. While ...
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