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What is the best way to remove texture from a scanned textured photo paper? details [duplicate]

One of the answers to this question : What is the best way to remove texture from a scanned textured photo paper? says to use ImageJ. I have tried this on the sample photo and it doesn't work. I'm ...
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How do I go about removing texture from a scanned photo? [duplicate]

This photo is going to be used for a departed family members funeral service. What would be the best way to remove the texture?
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How to analyze images with Fast Fourier Transform method?

I am learning about analyzing images with the method of FFT(Fast Fourier Transform). The image I am analyzing is attached below: Portrait of woman posing on grass, by George Marks. Getty Images. And ...
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How can I remove white stripes from an old photo without losing detail?

I have this old photo: I want to remove these vertical white stripes from it. I have managed to remove it by using the darken blend mode with motion blur, but as you can see down below, I have lost ...
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How to remove texture from old scanned photos?

I have a picture here I need to remove the texture. I try the FFT method but I don't get the diamonds to black out when I do it, its sorta flat. whats the best way to get rid of this?
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How to remove wave stripes on a scanned photograph?

I have scanned some old pictures. The uneven surface resulted in white wave-shaped stripes in the scan. Is there any way I can remove them in Gimp (pretty inexperienced user) or other free tool? Any ...
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Is there a better way to "smooth out" CMYK halftones other than just blurring?

I'm trying to get the best possible scan of a CD cover (although this would apply to any print media using CMYK halftoning). With the highest setting on my scanner (3200dpi) I quickly run into the DPI ...
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What's the best way to scan a 1"x1.25" BW photo for enlarging?

I have an old (1939) BW glossy photo that's only 1" x 1.25". The photo quality is good, very sharp, just too tiny. What would be the best way to scan it to enlarge to a 5x7?
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How to restore as much detail as possible to a scanned image of an inkjet-printed page?

I have a photograph printed with an inkjet printer on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, I do not have access to the original file. Here's a small sample of what I'm stuck with: Is there any way to ...
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Old Photo Restoration Stuck On Scan Lines

I'm attempting to restore an old photo with pretty bad speckled silvering as opposed to large areas. I've managed to get rid of the spots but in doing so have inadvertently increased the scan lines ...
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Scanner accuracy

There are cases where you want to remove the paper texture when you scan. An often mentioned technique is to do two scans, rotating the paper 180° between the two. Then in an image editor you load ...
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4 color prints scanning

I recently got a poster scanned that sized over 218 mb, it was really a huge size. I discovered that while scanning it had pixels with CMYK 4 color process colors intact. So my question is that, is ...
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What is the best way to remove popcorn texture from photo of old painting?

I need help removing popcorn texture from this old picture. I have tired some online apps and AI tools but they were not helpful. I know how to use adobe Photoshop a little. Thanks
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Photography gets check pattern during saving/flattening in PS

I was working on scan of this "a little" overexposed analogue photo (cleaning from dust, some colour adjustments and curves). After saving a picture, this check pattern appear. I tried different ...
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