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Photo stitching software [duplicate]

I have a series of photos captures with care to make up into a panorama photo. Can anyone suggest a good software which can ...
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I need some free panorama stitching software [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Which tools are good for creating panoramas/stitching multiple photos? I have iPad and a Mac. The software could be for either, but I really need it to be free or very cheap. ...
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How can I get better results photographing dry erase boards?

As far as photography goes, I'm less than an amateur. I have a camera my friend (the head of the photography dept. at a local college) recommended to me that I really want to learn to use, but haven'...
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What open source software for auto-alignment of photographs?

Do you know any open source tool to automatically align images, similar to the auto align feature in Photoshop?
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How do I create a panoramic picture?

I saw a nice panoramic image online. How do I go about creating my own (say, of my yard at home)?
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What are the depth-of-field capabilities of point & shoot cameras?

Is it possible to show following by using a point-and-shoot camera? shallow depth of field deep depth of field
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Is it worth investing in a used 35 mm Film camera?

I've a Canon 60D and I'm mainly interested in shooting landscapes. I feel very interested in buying a used canon EOS film camera (since my EF lenses are compatible). I would like to take pictures ...
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Which Canon lens combination should I buy for landscape photography?

The story never gets old: I was given a Canon 500D camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. Later I was also given a Tamron AF 28-300mm F3.5-6.3 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) Macro with Canon mount. As they ...
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Is Canon T2i and kit lens good for shooting (2D) artwork?

What are your thoughts and experience with shooting two-dimensional artwork with a Canon T2i, and will the standard lens be OK for this purpose? Or should I upgrade to the zoom lens package to save ...
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How to make spherical (360) panoramic image with 2:1 aspect ratio?

The objective is to make a spherical-typed (360 degrees) panoramic photo, With 2:1 aspect ratio, and its dimensions are 1024x512 or 2048x1024. Tried searching in Google but still don't know where to ...
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What are the best techniques to take 360° panoramas?

I always wondered what are the best techniques, hints, and tips for a great panoramic shoot?
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What is a good 360 degree camera? [closed]

I want to buy a new camera for a 360 degree shoot , so can anyone suggest me the good one I have seen that Sony Bloggie camera which has 3D camera and a 360 degree lens too, so does this camera have ...
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Super-resolution photos by interactive focus stacking and image stitching?

When photographing highly detailed static scenes, for example a 4 metre by 2 metre whiteboard covered in handwritten post-its after a process design meeting, my phone camera (Nexus 5 in raw using the ...
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How to shot frescoes in a dark environment?

I have an assignment to shot some frescoes in a low-light church. The church is rather small and it has scaffolds (bars) inside which are rather close to the paintings. So, most probably I need to ...
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What software do I need to create a panorama inside a cylinder to publish on the web?

Googling I found on the net reference to sphere panoramas, but I'm not interested in looking up or down, just to the front. My image is a just rectangular, a very wide panorama and I wanted to create ...
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