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Tips for photographing long star trails [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Tips for landscape+stars photography? I need some tips and tricks for photographing long star trails. Some of the questions I am thinking about are: What aperture/ISO? If ...
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Astrophotography without a Star Tracker [duplicate]

I'm into Astrophotography lately. I'm using a Canon 550D with kit-lens. 1) I found there was a displacement of stars (obviously) in the picture that I stacked. How to solve this as I don't use a ...
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How do I get started in Astrophotography?

I have a Canon 20D. I'd love to take some photos of the moon and stars. How do I get started? I've search the web and the information is sparse and cryptic. I'd like to know what equipment is the ...
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What's the best technique and kit for taking a picture of the Milky Way in a nearly pitch black landscape?

I've tried but I don't think my kit is good enough. How do you take pictures of something like the milky way? And if you've never actually SEEN the milky way, then you definitely MUST take a trip to ...
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How can I do astrophotography with my 70-300mm lens?

I got a Nikon 70-300mm lens as it was on discount. I want to know if I can do astrophotography with it? I want to maximize the use of the lens. I wanted to get a 34-300 mm lens, but it was expensive. ...
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What times and settings should I use for taking pictures of stars at night and falling stars?

The season of the falling stars started and I want to try to achieve some picture of stars and falling one too. I see a lot of picture with a immense number of stars but they are still. Now I'm ...
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Is astrophotography basically pointless with a moon in the sky?

I want to take some astrophotography shots of objects in the sky while not keeping the moon in the shot. I have read in a few places that you need essentially a moonless sky to do so. Does that mean ...
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Can I shoot a "Star Trail" photo using Canon t2i?

I am very interested to shoot a star trail photo. Can I shoot a star trail using Canon t2i? Do do I need to use MagicLantern framework to get bulb mode support? Thanks in advance.
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What are the ideal settings to shoot Star Trails with a Nikon D90?

I'm planning to shoot star trails with My Nikon D90. I'm going to use a Nikkor 18-105 VR lens. I'd like to know the ideal settings for shooting star trails, including what type of white balance and ...
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How can I get a circular star trail effect?

How can I get this effect where the stars are seen as lines? Do you need a special camera?
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Which compact camera to shoot stars, moon and hopefully planets and sun?

I need a new camera! My Canon IXUS is now very old. What I want to be able to do is take photos of the night sky (stars, moon, planets) and the sun. Well, ideally! I have been looking at a bridge ...
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What are my options for a wide angle lens for a DX format camera like the Nikon D90?

I have a Nikon D-90 and I am an amateur photographer doing kids photography indoors, and family pictures while travelling. I have the following - 18-105mm VR – Kit Lens that came with the D90 ...
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How do I stitch two star trails photos taken by different cameras?

Last night I took some star trails photos. I set the shutter speed to 30", put the camera in burst mode and used my remote shutter release (with shutter button lock) to hold down the shutter button. I ...
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How to take astrophotographs with terrestrial objects in frame

I have quite often viewed widefield astrophotographs with terrestial objects in frame, most commonly mountains. Based on what I have learned on astrophotogrphy, it seems like these photographs must ...
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Can I use the same lens for landscape and star photography?

My wife loves landscape photography and I love capturing the stars. We are both amateurs and we have been using our stock Canon EOS 750D lens (18-55mm) so far with 'ok' results (both kit and user-...
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