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Is "exposure fusion" different from HDR? [duplicate]

Is "exposure fusion" distinct from HDR compositing techniques, or is it essentially a marketing term for a specific HDR process. Or is it just a synonym for HDR? Or, to put this in "meta" terms, ...
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What is tone mapping? How does it relate to HDR?

Whenever I read / hear about HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, someone usually says something along the lines of "Actually, you're talking about tone mapping, not HDR." Please can someone ...
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How can I stop my HDR shots looking so fake?

All my attempts at HDR come out looking remarkably fake, how can I reduce the halos effect?
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How to improve sky's saturation and contrast to get a similar result?

Have a look at these two pictures: The first is mine, but is so...flat. (You can find the original here.) I took my photo with a Canon EOS 100D, while the second was taken with a Nikon. I cannot ...
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What is HDR photography?

What is HDR photography, and when might it be useful?
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What Software Exists to Perform Exposure-Fusion? [closed]

Now that Exposure-Fusion is gaining interest, we should have list of current Exposure-Fusion software and plugins. What software options exist to perform Exposure-Fusion? For applications, please ...
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What is DRI? And how does it differ from HDR?

I recently came across the term DRI meaning Dynamic Range Increase. What exactly is it and how does it differ from HDR or High Dynamic Range (or is it the same thing just different terminology?
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What are Hugin "stacks"?

When I am adding images to Hugin, it displays confusing message: What does it mean and how to satisfy it?
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Save an underexposed foreground without blowing out the background

I recently shot my sister-in-laws wedding for the bridal party preparations, a good day was had by all and I've got a good number of shots I'm really happy with. Unfortunately there is a group of ...
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How can I make HDR images without the cartoon look?

I am processing some photos intended to show HDR and I mainly want to bring out all the tones of a scene, which is why I took three bracketed shots to begin with. But pushing the detail pretty ...
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How can I expose a waterfall scene correctly?

Last day, I was photographing a waterfall. It was a bright day and I was shooting around 2-3 in the afternoon. I set aperture to f/11 and took the meter reading pointing camera towards the sky. ...
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What are the free HDR programs available for download?

Currently, I am using Photoshop Elements 9 and there are no HDR features in it (other than the Photomerge Exposure tool which can combine two pics - mini HDR function). Photoshop CS5 is way too ...
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How do I avoid white color in the sky near my subject with HDR photos?

I have created a HDR image from a single raw file. The way I have created it was Open the RAW file in Photoshop camera raw. Do some adjustments like enhancing the color, cropping etc. Exporting the ...
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How can I mitigate bright spots in shaded, woodland settings?

I do most of my photography while hiking. I find open woodlands to be a very pretty setting, but have difficulty capturing it. While sunny spots are brighter than shady spots, they don't glare in the ...
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What is the best practice in using LR/Enfuse?

I have Lightroom 4 and have downloaded LR/Enfuse for Mac. I have checked out the information on using Enfuse but with my endeavours are not that happy with the results. That is I was expecting a ...
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