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Are there disadvantages to a prosumer camera for a beginner, aside from cost?

I basically decided on a whim (from reading this site, talking to some friends, and always admiring great photos) that I want to get into photography. Are there disadvantages to starting out with a ...
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What is back-focusing?

What is back-focusing? Is it something I need to be worried about, or can I just live with it? How can I tell if my camera/lens is sufferring from it?
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How can I test a new lens to make sure it is operating correctly?

How can I test a new lens to make sure it is operating correctly? I found two similar questions with answers specific to things such as sharpness and focus, but I want to cover any and all possible ...
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What is a zone plate?

I was looking into alternative methods of photography and I happened upon something called a 'zone plate.' Three questions: What is a zone plate? How does it work? What can I do with it?
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What do "Frontfocus" and "Backfocus" mean? [duplicate]

I've read those terms in a couple of lens reviews, and not even Wikipedia has an article about it. So my questions are: What is back/frontfocus? What causes back/frontfocus? Is there any preventive ...
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How do I diagnose the source of blurry photos?

Probably a novice question, but how do I correctly diagnose from a photo for what reason that camera wasn't able to focus properly? Or tell if the image was blurry for some reason other than incorrect ...
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How can you tell if a lens is having problems with back focusing?

I recently bought a Canon EF 24-70/2.8L to use with my 450D and I suspect that it is constantly back focusing. Is there any way of determining if it is something wrong with the lens or if it is a ...
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Can I fine tune the autofocus on my Canon 60D to be more accurate?

I noticed that some of my lenses auto-focus more accurately then others. (Assume perfect light conditions and fast shutter speed) Zooming-in on say the center focus point (if only the center focus ...
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How to take sharper photos [duplicate]

I am sick and tired of getting photos that turn out just slightly blurry. I can't seem to figure out why this is or how to fix it. I like to shoot at events, indoors and outdoors, action shots and ...
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How To Reliably Trigger Moire?

What is the most reliable way to trigger moire artifacts in an image straight out of a digital camera? I know that resizing an image can cause it but I want to see it all full-resolution and be able ...
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Is this the level of sharpness and detail I can expect from a Nikon D7000 and 18-105mm lens?

Being a newbie, I would like to have some comments on my current skill level and quality of my current equipment. I own a Nikon D7000 with 18-105. I am not very much satisfied with the quality of ...
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Is the Quality Inconsistent on the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L MkI lens?

I'm considering buying a Canon 24-70 L Mk I. There is one thing that scares me a bit, though: reading reviews around the intertubes it appears that a fair number of people had to send their copy back ...
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How can I more consistently focus on the point I want?

I've had so many wonderfully composed images turn out lousy because my AF isn't as accurate as I'd like (or I don't know how to wield it). Despite using single-point AF, my focus point is often ...
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Do mirrorless cameras focus less or more accurately than SLRs under low light?

How do the following compare in terms of autofocus accuracy for night photography: Mirrorless cameras like the Sony NEX-5R, in hybrid autofocus mode. The NEX-5R, in contrast-only autofocus mode. A ...
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What's a Typical "In-Focus" Rate for Portraits with an 85mm?

I have a lot of experience doing travel, landscape, product, ... in short, things that don't move much. Models? Not so much. I have a beautiful 85mm portrait lens for my Canon 1Ds Mk III DSLR, and at ...
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