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What is Exposure value [duplicate]

can you guys help me with understanding the basics about what is Exposure value and how to use that for better photography?
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What is an easy way to remember the full stop scale?

If you were teaching someone new to photography the full stop scales, is there a better way then flat out memorizing these values? Does anyone have an easy way that they remember the scale? Would it ...
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What is Ansel Adams' "Zone System"?

I've heard much of Ansel Adams' Zone system, but I've never quite understood it. What is it, how and where is it used, and is it still useful with modern (digital) cameras? Thanks!
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What is one "stop"?

I always hear this term, e.g., I had to go down one stop Increasing X by Y raises Z by one stop I turned down the flash/the light two stops This lens/sensor/strobe/Photoshop tweak raises X by around ...
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What is the fastest lens available for a DSLR?

I've seen references to f1.2 lenses. I was wondering, are there any faster lenses available for a DSLR mount?
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What's the difference between exposure and shutter speed?

Is there a difference between exposure and shutter speed, or are the terms interchangeable? I read that "If you use a quick shutter speed, you can just raise the exposure to compensate." Is this ...
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What is the relationship between ISO, aperture, and shutter speed?

I know digital cameras have ISO options, and that ISO is the camera's sensitivity to light, but if you set higher ISO then you can get a noisy image. I also know there are two other camera options, ...
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Are the aperture, ISO and shutter speed stops perfectly interchangeable?

Imagine you have an scene with shutter speed 1/60, f/8 and ISO 200. Then you change the configuration to get an equivalent exposure: speed 1/120, f/5.6, ISO 200 (plus one stop in speed, minus one stop ...
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What is EV, when used as an absolute measurement?

I know there is already a question about EV, but it doens't quite answer my question. I understand EV as a relative measurement, 1 EV being one stop (doubling or halving the amount of light), but what ...
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When I change the EV compensation, how will that affect my aperture, shutter speed, or ISO?

Let say that we have the following values, as an example: Shutter speed: 1/40 Aperture: 2 ISO: 1000 How can I get the EV number for this exposure, extract (or add) an EV value (0.33, 0.66 etc.) and ...
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What does AF -0.5 EV sensitivity mean? Or -3EV in Canon 6D's case? [duplicate]

I know that it stands for Exposure Value, so my 6D focuses in 2.5EV worse light than a 600D. But it's relative to... what? What makes it meaningful? What's the "base unit" for AF sensitivity?
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What's the difference between real and effective aperture?

I understand that the simple idea that f-stop is focal length divided by aperture really applies to a simple single-glass lens, not the compound lens systems used to provide good image quality in ...
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Shooting film with a camera that doesn't have a ISO meter

So got a yashica J that doesn't have an iso dial or meter and I was wondering does that mean my camera is only limited to a set of film iso or that I can't push or pull the film
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How do I know how much light will be needed for a given film speed, shutter speed, and aperture?

For a given film type, shutter speed and aperture, how do I calculate the light needed to get a good exposure? For example, if I use a f/8 aperture, an exposure time of 100 ms and a ISO 800-film (...
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Is deep depth of field AND bright exposure possible?

I know that a larger aperture corresponds to a brighter exposure and shallower depth of field for a given focal length. Is it optically possible for a custom-built camera to form an image with both a ...
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