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How can I determine the minimum shutter speed to avoid blur from camera shake?

How can I determine the minimum shutter speed at which I can effectively avoid camera shake while hand-holding the camera?
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How do the stars in this photo appear without star trails even at a long shutter speed?

I found an image of the night sky taken by James Sainty at It has the following EXIF metadata: ...
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Does the shutter speed and focal length rule of thumb apply to cropped sensor cameras?

So, the rule of thumb for shutter speed is that it shouldn't be less than 1 / focal length. Well, that's straight forward on full frame cameras, but what about cropped sensor cameras? Is it going to ...
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What does "N stops" mean when describing an image stabilizer?

If you ever purchased any lens with IS then you have heard this term like "3 Stop Stabilization" or "4 Stop Stabilization". Now, I am familiar with this Stop for ISO and Aperture. But this I don't ...
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What is the relationship between focal length and shutter speed?

I am very new to photography and am trying to grasp the basics of it these days. Can someone please help me understand the relationship between focal length of a lens and shutter speed of camera?
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How do you choose among different 70-300mm lens for Nikon DSLRs?

I have a Nikon D5100 and it's my first dSLR. I've played with the kit lens for a while and now want to explore the zoom category. I've shortlisted these 70-300mm lenses: Nikon AF Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm ...
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How useful is in-lens image stabilisation at long zoom lengths on micro 4/3?

I have a Panasonic G3 with the 14-42mm kit lens. I am now looking for a second lens and would like to start with a longer kit-zoom. Something to go from around my kit lens' 42mm up to the 150mm kind ...
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1/250 flash sync useful with a 180 mm lens?

Right now I'm using a Canon 5D mark II camera with 180mm macro lens, and I am hand-holding the camera. My flash is the MT-24 twin flash. Some of my photos aren't razor sharp and I'm thinking about ...
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How much longer can my shutter speed be for a given focal length with OIS on a Fujifilm X-series camera?

I have the XF 50-140mm and the XF 100-400mm zooms for Fujifilm X-T2. I heard for crop sensors to use the 1/(2× focal lenth) rule rather the 1/(1× focal length) for full frame. So, without OIS on a ...
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When should ¹/EFL become ¹/(2 × EFL) to avoid camera shake

Where is the boundary when I should set my shutter speed to ¹ / (2 × EFL) instead of ¹ / EFL to avoid camera shake? (...
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Valid value for shutter speed based on Focal Length [duplicate]

I was listening to Ben Long videos and he was saying a safe value for shutter speed is 1/focal length So if I have a ...
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