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What features should one look for when selecting a flash?

I have been thinking of getting a flash to improve my low light photography (particularly indoors). However, there seem to be a number of different models available at similar price points (budget of ...
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What's the technical difference between artificial and natural light?

Comments like this one got me wondering... Assuming two light sources of equal size and relative intensity (let's say as an example monolights and the sun) and assuming that you're shooting raw to ...
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What is the quantative relation between flash guide number and ISO?

I found that formula on the Internet: Guide Number = (Shooting Distance * Aperture) ÷ ISO Sensitivity Is it correct? If it is could someone please explain why ...
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How do I manually calculate fill flash?

My main flash is a Nikon SB-24, used on a Nikon D200. Hence, iTTL doesn't work. I've had no issues using A-mode (the thyristor in the flash determines flash output) or M-mode (manual on the flash) ...
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How was this Penelope Cruz photo by Peter Lindbergh lit?

(published in this CNN article). The catch light seems to show us a big window with people standing in front of it. But wouldn't window light produce a more flat lighting? There is a clearly visible ...
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Does adding additional strobes cumulatively add to the flash power?

I've been reading articles that talk about using multiple strobes next to each other, all pointing in the same direction: as a means to add more light over what one flash can do. Does the addition of ...
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How do I prevent the background from going dark when using the flash with a subject?

This is with Flash, short shutter exposure time, and zoomed in This is without Flash but with long shutter exposure time when using the Flash the background tends to get dark and the subject gets to ...
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How do I set exposure with a manual flash?

I recently got an old Canon AE-1 film camera back in working order. I'd like to use my modern 430EXII Speedlight flash with it, however since there is no TTL metering, I have no idea how much the ...
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How can I get started with a first flash gun?

I just got myself a flash gun for my dSLR. I realise that I don't quite know what to do with it. What should I do to get used to it, and to learn about how to get the most out of it? I'm interested ...
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How to get even lighting when using flash for group photos near wall?

I'm having trouble getting nice even lighting when using my speedlight on my camera. I photographed a formal recently in a hall with high yellowish ceilings. I pointed the speedlight directly upwards ...
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Can I compete with outdoor light using a diffused flash?

As I'm beginning my journey into controlled lighting I took my Sony HVL-F43AM outside on a sunny afternoon, put a model under a canopy (shade), and wanted to see if I could get enough light out of the ...
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How do I create a white background without using photoshop? [duplicate]

I take hundreds of photos of watches and have no time to input each photo into photoshop. Is there a way to get my photos to have a more white background and not the greyish look i have shown below? I ...
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Are guide number rules still valid over unusually high distances?

Theoretically, a combination of a speedlight of GN 45m@ISO100, an F1.1 lens, and a full frame camera capable of results at 51200 ISO should achieve a reach of almost a kilometer - or two when using 4 ...
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