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What should I consider when upgrading my 30 year old flash? [duplicate]

I have a Canon 60D, 18-55mm kit lens, and a 70-200mm f/2.8 that I use to shoot my kids sporting events. I want to replace my 30+ year old flash with a new unit. I am considering Godox and Yongnuo ...
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What do you need to know before buying a flash for a dSLR? [duplicate]

I am a beginner photographer who owns a Canon 700D (upgraded over my 1200D), planning to learn flash photography. Honestly, I am not a fan of using flash till now, but it seems for indoor shooting, ...
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How can I best take photos of people in front of a Christmas tree using only available lighting?

I am taking a photo with a Canon 5D Mark IV indoors in front of a Christmas tree using only the available lighting of the room. I do not have a flash. I want to make sure that the subjects and the ...
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What does TTL mean?

I'm new to photography and I see the term TTL all over the place. What does it mean? And how do I use it to make my pictures better?
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Does it make sense for me, as a beginner, to buy a speedlight?

So far, I was using my Android phone to shoot pictures and some basic point and click cameras. I would say that I am a low intermediate camera user. I know the basics about focus, depth of field, ...
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When and why should I consider buying a speedlight/external flash?

I am just a hobbyist in photography. And I do not have specific interest areas (as of now). So while looking for different things to try with photography, I kept coming across things which require use ...
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What does an expensive flash unit buy over a cheap one?

General question: What will I get from an expensive flash unit, that I can't get from a cheap one? Specific example: The $250 Canon Speedlite 430EX II vs. the $50 Neewer TT560. To my naive eye, the ...
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How to get started with strobes?

I have a Canon Rebel T2i With a Kit lens and a 50mm 1.8 prime with me. I want to get started with strobes. Now the thing is, I don't have any idea about all the stuffs I'd be needing like the remotes, ...
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What is the best external flash for Nikon beginner?

I have read a lot about the SB-800/SB-900 but I am on a low budget (around ~120$). Is there an external flash that I can have to start learning to use it? I do not need TTL compatibility so it can be ...
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Is there no crossover point where shutter speed overtakes flash duration?

My understanding of flash sync is that: Up to a certain speed – apparently 1/250-1/500 for focal-plane shutters – the shutter curtains have a moment during which they are fully open. The ...
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What is the inverse-square law, and how does it apply to lighting for photography?

I hear photographers talk about the inverse-square law, particularly with reference to lighting. What is this law about, and most importantly, how is it applied to lighting for photography?
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How can I take photos during a school dance?

I am a beginner photographer, and I am on our school's yearbook committee. We have school dances. There are lots of strobe lights, lasers, and UV lights. So basically, the worst conditions for photo ...
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Is flash brand X compatible with camera brand Y?

I have flash brand X and would like to know whether it will work with camera brand Y. What do I need to consider to determine whether the combination will work? Other questions of relevance: What ...
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Differences between Yongnuo flashes - 560, 568 and 685

I am looking to get a speedlite for my system (Nikon D7200 at the moment). I know you can save a lot of money by buying off-brand flashes, and I've heard good things about Yongnuo. There are three ...
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Can I use my old Canon Speedlite 277T with my new Canon dSLR?

Actually it's my dad's flash that he bought many many moons ago to use with his old Canon T70. I don't have a flash but have borrowed his to try out, but he mentioned that some flashes will send too ...
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