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How does Dell UltraSharp U2412M perform for photo editing? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What should I look for in a monitor for photo processing? I'm buying a monitor which I'll be using for editing with Lightroom and Photoshop. Problem is I'm far from being an ...
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What should I look for in a display meant for photo editing? [duplicate]

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Other than the iMac, what's a brilliant display for my images?

When I started researching gear to start my photography passion I fell in love with the large iMac display. The large bright screen at the best buy was showing a sideshow if images that looked better ...
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Photoshop or lightroom for landscape and nature photography?

I have canon 500D with 18-55mm and 70-300mm lens. I have lot of interest in landscape and Nature photography. I need to purchase some software to assist me with post-processing my photos. Which one is ...
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What are the merits of a wide-gamut display in post-processing for web?

I've been researching about monitors to get one for post-processing. It seems like a wide-gamut IPS panel is recommended. I'll also be using a color calibration device. I print so rarely that it can ...
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What are the advantages of glossy monitors? [closed]

Or why only apple monitors are glossy? This have anything to do with color fidelity? Do applying anti-glare film reduces image quality and color spectrum?
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Good budget display for photo editing? [closed]

I need a computer screen for editing photos (and playing games, but that's another story). Maximum price is around 200$. Sizewise 21-22" would be nice. Thanks in advance, -christian
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What should I consider when designing my physical environment for photo editing?

I am in the process of building a controlled environment in which to edit photos. Other questions have addressed the gamut, the monitor and color calibration, but for the most accurate display of ...
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What are the major differences that differentiates LCD with an LED display?

I have quite read about the LCD's and LED's and I have jumped into conclusion that LED is far better than LCD. Am I wrong in my assumption? If I am wrong then please let me know the benefits of LCD ...
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What are the differences between LaCie 324i and Asus PA246Q for photo editing?

As a followup question to this one... I'll be buying new monitors early next year, as an upgrade to the three Samsung 245T monitors I currently have. I have been quite pleased with these monitors, ...
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What features should one look for in Monitors in 2020 for Photo Editing?

When shopping for monitors, well, it can be overwhelming. BHPhoto currently lists 1,116 different choices on their site alone with features ranging from: Resolution (do people even perceive 8k ...
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Computer screen for photography under 350€

I've been into photography for almost four years now and all this time I've been working with crappy TN-panel-based screens, namely a Sony SDM-S75D and a Samsung 206BW. After getting some prints that ...
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