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How well will a Canon 2x extender work with a 60D and 100-400mm L? [duplicate]

I have a Canon 60D (APS-C) body and I want to use a Canon 100-400mm L lens with the Canon 2.0x extender. I want to know if this combination will work well or not? I read that extenders have some ...
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autofocus and maximum aperture of 60D [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are the aperture limits for autofocus on Canon DSLR cameras? It is mentioned on page 79 of the EOS 60D manual that the center point AF is twice as accurate at apertures ...
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What does it mean for a photograph to be "high key"?

As I learned the term, a high-key image is one where the shadows are effectively eliminated, and the mid-tone detail pushed into brighter zones. My question is simple: is this an accurate definition, ...
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Why does Canon and Nikon limit or disable autofocus beyond certain f-numbers?

One thing that I've noticed with Canon DSLR camera is they will disable or limit autofocus when the lens' maximum aperture is narrower than certain values, which are specified in my answer to What ...
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Why can't my camera autofocus in low light with a small aperture?

My question is not about "how to focus in the low light" or "how to focus a camera". The question is why the camera is unable to auto-focus in low light with high f numbers? In these conditions, I ...
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Are there DSLR lenses that don't allow for manual focus?

I am looking into getting a Nikon soon (either a D3100 or a D5100). One of the reasons that I am upgrading from a point and shoot is because I want to have more control over the camera's functions. In ...
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What's better image quality; full frame with Canon 400mm 5.6L plus 1.4 extender, OR, cropped frame with same lens?

I am about to upgrade to a Canon 7D for my birding using my 400mm 5.6L lens. With the 1.6 crop factor sensor that gives (roughly) a magnification factor equivalent to my other option, a Canon 5D mkII ...
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Should I use automatic focus or manual focus for bird photography?

I have a Canon Rebel XTi and some decent lenses. I am considering getting a 500-1000mm f/8 telephoto zoom lens. For photographing birds that are 25-100m away, should I use an automatic focus or a ...
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How does auto focus tracking work in DSLRs

I thought auto focus tracking comes from the computation of image on the image sensor when I was using GF1, a MILC. The auto focus tracking was good. However when I use canon 6D, a DSLR the auto focus ...
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How can i get AF confirmation working with Samyang 500mm f/6.3 with dandelion chip?

I've put a dandelion chip (4th gen) on my Samyang 500mm f/6.3. I shoot a Canon 6D by the way. So, that's cool now I've set the chip to return f/6.3 and I can get a correctly exposed LiveView, EXIF ...
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Autofocus with canon EOS 1200d [duplicate]

Can my EOS 1200d autofocus with1.4x canon teleconverter and canon 300 mm f4 lens. What will be my maximum aperture using both of these.
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Apertures required to enable autofocus on Rebel T6s/T6i in Live View?

The question "What apertures are required to enable autofocus, including cross-type or high-precision focusing, on Canon DSLR cameras?" is very useful. However, would the new Canon Hybrid CMOS AF III ...
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