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What exactly is flash sync speed, and should it be a factor in a buying decision?

What exactly is flash sync speed and should it be a factor in a buying decision?
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Canon 5d mk iv - Problems setting the speed to faster than 1/200th when I have my speedlite attached [duplicate]

5d mk iv - Problems setting the speed to faster than 1/200th using both Manual or TV when I have my speedlite attached. Totally confused as I can't figure out why I'd be limited to that or how to ...
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Why is part of my image underexposed when using flash with shutter speed faster than sync speed? [duplicate]

Hardware Neewer TT560 SpeedLite Cannon T6i Shutter Speed 1/200 shows full photo 1/400 shows 90% photo 1/640 shows 50% photo 1/1000 shows 10% photo From what I can tell, the shutter is faster than ...
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What is the "exposure triangle"?

What is the exposure triangle? How do the "sides" affect my photographs?
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What is a rolling shutter? When do I have to be aware of it?

In answer to another question, Adam Davis writes: Your camera complicates this by using a rolling shutter above a given speed (usually around 1/200. This means that only a portion of the ...
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How do I predict exposure when using flash?

So I've got the basics down for the exposure triangle, but sometimes you just need to add more light to the room and the flash can be the most convenient way of doing that. The problem is that the ...
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What's the technical difference between artificial and natural light?

Comments like this one got me wondering... Assuming two light sources of equal size and relative intensity (let's say as an example monolights and the sun) and assuming that you're shooting raw to ...
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How can I get a clear subject with motion-blurred (traffic trails) background?

I wanted to take a photo of my brother with traffic trails behind him. Now even when I was using a tripod, and A/F was correct, I still couldn't get the subject to be sharp, despite using a self timer ...
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Why is 1/250th second used as shutter speed when using a speedlight with my Nikon D7000?

I've got a Nikon D7000, if I increase the shutter speed it eventually goes to the bulb option and after that to 250, I've been ...
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How do I manually calculate fill flash?

My main flash is a Nikon SB-24, used on a Nikon D200. Hence, iTTL doesn't work. I've had no issues using A-mode (the thyristor in the flash determines flash output) or M-mode (manual on the flash) ...
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In what way does shutter speed affect a photo?

Is there a rule like "the lower the speed the better quality?" I tried taking at different speeds but couldn't understand the difference.
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How do I best use a pop-up flash for indoor birthday parties?

I just took photos of a two year old birthday party indoors at a Chucky Cheese. Just bought the Puffer for my flash, as the photography studio said it would be good for the birthday party. I tried ...
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Understanding IR / RF flash systems

I have had difficulty understanding how most flash systems work and was hoping someone could break it down. I'll use my current setup for a concrete example: Canon EOS 60D Nissin Di866 Mark II Flash ...
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Pentax P-TTL: Why and when does underexposure occur and what can I do?

Pentax's P-TTL flash metering system tends to be unreliable and may underexpose at times. When and why does the system underexpose and what can I do? I want to know the situations that cause flash ...
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Why does my Canon 60D sometimes lengthen exposure when using the flash?

In low light conditions, my first shot will often be handheld with no flash. If there's not enough light however, the shutter speed can be too slow and I'm not steady enough for a crisp image - so I'...
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What is term for the opposite of "Dragging the Shutter"?

My first helpful experiments with flash started after taking a seminar with Scott Kelby on the subject. I don't recall him mentioning dragging the shutter (but he may have). But, I do recall him ...
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How is shots per second of a camera is measured?

I was just curious to know what are settings used in testing the camera's shots per second?Especially the shutter speed. Whether its set to the camera's maximum capability or any standard shutter ...
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Why do my Cybersyncs fire my Sunpak flashes with the test button, but not the shutter release?

During wedding receptions, my Sunpak 383s fire very inconsistently. Every time I press the test button with the Cybersyncs, they fire every time. When I press the shutter button, they don't fire. ...
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Xenon flash with rolling shutter

I'm working on a cmos image sensor that has a electronic rolling shutter, at this time I'm operating at 15fps and getting RAW data from it. I was wondering how to combine a xenon flash with the ...
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Why doesn't my Nikon D5200 pop-up flash fire in manual mode?

I bought myself a new DSLR few days back I tried taking pics in manual mode at night, and the built-in flash won't fire, even if I press the button to make it pop up. What might be wrong, and what can ...
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Cons of using a manual flash on-camera as well?

Can we use a manual mode flash (specifically the Lumopro LP 160) On-Camera as well ? What are the cons of this ? The only one I can think of is no TTL support. Note : I will be using this with a ...
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How does high speed sync mode work?

Some flash units have a high speed sync mode, that allow a camera to take a photograph with the flash while using a shutter speed that exceeds the X-sync speed. The photo won't appear with improper ...
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Can anybody suggest a camera and flash combination for high speed, fast recycle time, night time photography?

I want to take photos of fast moving objects (shutter speed usually between 1/1000 and 1/2000 seconds), outdoors at night time (probably lit with flood lights, street lights etc), and I want to be ...
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