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Why do different smartphones with the same megapixel camera resolutions have different quality of image?

There are different brands of smart phones available. Frequently two different big brand smart phones (Nokia, Samsung , Apple, Sony etc.) with the same Megapixel count have a different quality of ...
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Do more megapixels mean sharper images?

Do more megapixels mean sharper images? Would a 24 MP camera produce a sharper image than an 18 MP one (given the same lens, settings and scene)?
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Megapixel race unnecessary?

Have we reached the point where where the megapixel race is more about the race, of having more then the other guy, than about image quality? Only a few years ago 6MP was touted as the optimum number ...
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1 Inch 20MP sensor vs 1/2.3" 12MP sensor?

All things being equal, is a 1-inch 20MP sensor basically the same as a 1/2.3" 12MP sensor? If it is the same, does it then boil down to which camera has better mechanics; lens, mechanics, etc? ...
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Megapixel number - how many sub pixels? [duplicate]

I read conflicting information about the megapixel - subpixel relationship when it comes to sensors in digital cameras. I read that megapixel is number of sub pixels and I also read megapixel is ...
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What characteristics make a digital sensor good?

Generally, the technical image quality of a digital image (before we get to the post-processing stage) is the product of the characteristics of the lens and the recording medium, with an important ...
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Does the bigger pixel area of the Fujifilm XT-10 make it a better choice than the XT-100?

I'm not a professional photographer, I take pictures only as a hobby currently owing a Nikon D3200 with 35mm 1.4 and the kit lens so nothing fancy. I want to buy myself a mirrorless camera, and I'm ...
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Why does the Canon 1D X MK 2 only have 20.2MP

The Canon 1D X MK2 is the new flagship of Canon. So why does this top camera only have a 20.2 MP sensor? I mean its 2016, even mobile phones have a higher resolution. I knew its not all about the ...
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Can the differences of a 18MP and 24MP camera be spotted? [duplicate]

Can the differences of an 18MP and 24MP camera be spotted? I have a 500d, old, but still decent for the use I give to it...
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12MP Dual Camera vs 24 MP single Camera (for VideoRecording) [closed]

I am newbie in this subject. I've read several articles about Androids' cameras, but cant still make the difference, how much difference is there between single-camera and dual-camera(new generation ...
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Why and how do "bigger pixels" make a better picture?

This is going off of today's iPhone 5S announcement, when Phil Schiller said that "bigger pixels" is the key to a better picture. What does this mean? Is it true or just a marketing ploy?
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Camera lens or megapixel value: which defines the quality and clarity of the picture?

I have a 5MP camera in my phone. The pictures shows good clarity both in the phone screen and my computer screen. But one of my friends has a different camera with the same 5MP in his phone (brand is ...
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More pixels or larger pixels? (the case of A7S II and A7R II) [duplicate]

The Sony A7r II has 42.4 (effective) Megapixels with a pixel area of 20.33µm2; and the Sony A7s II has 12.2 (effective) Megapixels with a pixel area of 70.55µm2. (both are FF camera's) That is, ...
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Do full frame sensors have a higher exposure? [duplicate]

I was reading a piece on the comparison of APS-C to full frame sensors. In this article, it mentioned that full frame sensors can have larger individual "photo sites", and can therefore capture more ...
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Megapixels: Do they matter that much? [duplicate]

Hi I am looking at buying a used Canon 5d Mk1. I currently have a Canon 50d I know there is a megapixel difference and I need some advice on if I should upgrade to the 5d mk1 or stick with the 50d? ...

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