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Why does a CR3 black and white image is displayed with colors when opening it on the PC? [duplicate]

Using a Canon camera, I took an image in black & white, and saved it as RAW. When I'm opening the image on my PC with, it displays in black & white as expected, and 2 seconds after in colors, ...
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Raw images usage and technical explanation? [duplicate]

How to take RAW images in Canon 600D ? What is the use of making RAW than jpg ? Does the quality differs or the we can edit easily ?
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What is the difference between raw and jpeg images? [duplicate]

I am a beginner at photography and I can’t really understand what a raw image is and how it is different from jpeg? How is an image manipulated before processing?
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Aren't all digital images ultimately just pixel values between 0 - 255?

I have a few incredibly basic (stupid?) questions about images; specifically, image formats and pixel values. Forgive me, I'm not a photographer. I'm just someone that works with images, and to me, ...
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Given an image how to identify whether it is RAW file or not

I'm a much like beginner level, so pardon me if this is a very basic silly question. Once I've a JPEG photograph image file, how can I find out whether it is a RAW file or not?
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Does the selection of sRGB or Adobe RGB in camera when shooting RAW ever matter?

I shoot RAW essentially 100% of the time, and have the in-camera color space setting at AdobeRGB (sRGB is also offered). The raw converter in turn is set to produce sRGB output files. As I understand ...
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Difference between PNG and RAW, other than compression?

I know that many professional cameras shoot in RAW. PNG has lossless compression which would allow cameras to save more shots than RAW. This leads me to wonder if there's anything special about RAW ...
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Why does Darktable export enormous JPEGs?

I have a Nikon D3200 and just started shooting in Raw. Raw files are 18-24mb, and if I convert them to JPEG using Nikon's ViewNX 2, I get 8-12mb files at the top quality and resolution using sRGB; ...
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Does converting RAW files to TIFF lose image quality?

Before I found out about Camera Raw, I used to convert my photos from RAW to TIFF, using the XNVIEW convertor, downloaded from the Internet. My question is whether I lost image quality or anything ...
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RAWs looking massively different in Aperture/Mac OS Preview compared to camera preview and (Canon) PictureStyleEditor

Yesterday, I have been shooting photos at a christmas market -- especially a band that played there. Since everything happened in the evening and it was quite dark, I thought using RAW instead of JPEG ...
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How sharp are RAW photos before processing?

Are RAW images by nature slightly blurry prior to processing? If I open them up in Lightroom and zoom into the photo, my photos are not tack sharp but a bit blurry. Once I process, it comes out ...
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How can I blow out the background when shooting down for clothing on the ground?

I'm looking for suggestions to blow out the background when shooting down for clothing on the ground. I've tried putting the clothing on a plain white background that I typically use when shooting ...
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How exactly is the deeper bit-depth of RAW mapped onto JPEG and the display?

I am trying to understand RAW better. I have a Canon EOS 20D, and shoot in RAW+Jpeg mode. According to the specs in the manual, the RAWs of the 20D are 12 Bit. I understand that this means each pixel ...
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How can I get very vivid colors in night cityscape pictures?

Can you suggest me what kind of settings would I need to make these kind of pictures. The scenario will be just like the pictures: Outdoors, lights on the streets, and maybe very small rivers with ...
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What makes RAW formats better for manipulation than JPEGs or PNGs [duplicate]

So I've seen everyone saying that RAW format is much better for manipulation in photo editing applications like Lightroom than JPEGs or PNGs. While I read some posts here like this and this, I'm ...
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