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What attributes should I look for when buying batteries for a flash?

I want to buy some more rechargable batteries (AAs) for my flashes. I suppose I mainly care about: - Quick recycling of the flash - Hold their charge when not in use Although bonuses for: - Long ...
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Why are larger sensors better at low light?

The top answer of What point and shoots are good in low light conditions? says that (1) a fast lens/wide aperture (2) reasonable ISO 400+ handling and (3) a large sensor when put together are critical ...
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How can I make my new DSLR more portable and convenient?

I've been enjoying taking digital pics for about the last seven years with my trusty Olympus C50 compact, and decided I wanted to take my efforts up a gear and get a 'proper' camera, so recently ...
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How do I choose a point and shoot camera under $400?

I need a P&S camera for my family. They would probably use it for family functions,trips etc. I want a camera with flash for taking good night photos with a decent quality. They are not ...
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What should I look for in a ultra compact camera?

I found it is time to step it up from my 2MP Nikon Coolpix I bought in 2002. In my situation size does matter — I am very active and would like to have this camera with me when I can. I know very ...
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What features would you focus on in a point and shoot camera for sports photography?

I know that "point and shoot" does not belong in the same sentence as "sports photography". But if you only have $200-300 in your pocket and a need to photograph indoors martial arts competition, e.g. ...
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Which compact camera should I choose for better low light capability

I have short listed Nikon CoolPix S9100 and Sony DSC-HX7V. I am really confused out of these two which one should I buy. I am not a professional photographer who understands the terminologies of ...
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How to choose an easy-to-use camera that performs good in low-light?

I need a camera that deals with low light situations, various people using the camera and some who move it. I need a camera that has the ability to forgive many nonprofessional photographing ...
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what is the best compact system camera for taking low light shots in nightclubs? [duplicate]

I'm looking for a compact system camera ( maybe mirrorless it's more correct as a definition, i mean a camera where you can change lenses but it's not a full DSLR ) which i would mainly use to shoot ...
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How do I improve the quality of lowlight back-lit bottle photographs with a point and shoot camera?

I'm a complete novice at photography, but I want to learn to take pictures of "bottle lights". I have included an image which I took with my Samsung ST60, but as you can see, it looks terrible and ...
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Recommendations for a compact/simple/inexpensive "point and shoot" camera?

I am looking to purchase a secondary camera that meets the following criteria: 1) Compact enough to be inconspicuous for street photography. 2) Simple enough that I can hand it to a friend/family ...
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What's a good and cheap digital camera for capturing moving objects? [closed]

I'm an amateur photographer. I own a Sony DSCT200, and i'm looking for something better. I need a camera that can clearly capture moving objects, which mine fails to do even with most trivial things, ...
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I want a point and shoot to take pictures inside an auditorium without a flash? [duplicate]

Is there a point and shoot camera that will allow me to take pictures in an auditorium without using flash?
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