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Difference between zoom and focal length? [duplicate]

Until now I thought that focal length is just another way of measuring how much a lens zooms: The higher the number the more it magnifies, the smaller the number the wider the angle and thus the less ...
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What is the conversion between focal length and times zoom? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I convert lens mm to optical zoom times? What is the conversion between focal length in mm (e.g. 50mm) and x zoom (e.g. 20x) commonly used in compact cameras? Is there ...
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Nikon DSLR and optical Zooming [duplicate]

I want to buy a professional camera like Nikon D300. I googled a lot but did not overcome the following dubs. 1) I want a high optical zooming camera. In DSRL specification no zooming is specified. ...
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How does focal length relate to macro magnification? [duplicate]

I'm new to photography and would like to know a little more about zoom lens, The main thing I wonder about is this, I have a Fujifilm S4000 camera that claims to have 30x magnification. The new ...
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How to work out the base "zoom magnification" of a lens? [duplicate]

I've come from 3x Zoom magnification land and am having a hard time adapting to all these complex "mm" systems. I'm thinking about buying some lenses to enhance the range of zoom of my Sony A5000 ...
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Effective zoom of Sony 55-210 lens (e-mount for NEX series camera) [duplicate]

According to Sony's website this lens has a zoom factor of 3.8. I currently have an 18-55 lens that came with my NEX-3F that has a zoom factor of ~3.1. Since the 55-210 pics up where the 18-55 leaves ...
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slr 100mm to 300mm vs 10x 20x [duplicate]

SLR zoom capacity is described in term of mm instead of x like 4x, 8x etc. What is the ...
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Comparing focal length [duplicate]

Hello I want to move from my compact camera to a dslr. I am fan of landscape photos so I want to buy an ultra-zoom lens. My camera supports 14x optical zoom. I know that for compact cameras it's just ...
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Compare magnification of point and shoot cameras with dSLR telephoto lenses [duplicate]

I just want to know how much magnification there is... if I have a point and shoot camera and it has 10X zoom, I'm seeing that the subject is "brought" 10x closer. So, what does a dSLR telephoto lens ...
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How to calculate the zoom power (X factor) for a lens? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I convert lens mm to optical zoom times? How can I obtain the "X factor" for a lens? I thought that to get the "X factor" I had to divide the largest focal length by ...
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What is "angle of view" in photography?

I read on the Lens Buying Guide @ neocamera: Focal-length determines the angle-of-view seen through a lens for a given sensor-size. With a full-frame sensor a lens gives the same angle-of-view ...
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What does 'how much zoom' mean?

I have Canon 18-135 and 70-300 zoom lenses. People ask me how much zoom my camera supports. What am I supposed to tell them? "135 ÷ 18 = 7.5" and "300 ÷ 70 = 4.2"?
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What is focal length and how does it affect my photos?

What is focal-length? Are focal-length and zoom synonymous? How does the focal length of a photo affect it? Are there common uses for different focal lengths, and how can I decide what to use when?
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Why do we talk about focal-length when frame sizes are different?

I keep seeing people talking about focal-length of lenses without saying how large the frame is. Is there a more sensible way to talk about how much a lens “zooms”? (I have seen so many adverts etc ...
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Can I convert binocular zoom to equivalent lens focal length?

I read another SE post that shows how focal lengths can be converted to optical magnification, but it isn't clear to me how it would work the other way around. My binoculars are adjustable from x10 to ...
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