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Low f/stop = fast lens? [duplicate]

I have heard of lenses being described as fast that have f/stop values of f1.2 and f/2.8. My question is why are such low f/stop lenses called fast?
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What exactly determines depth of field?

There are several questions here about the definition of depth of field, about focal length, and about subject distance. And of course there's the basic how does aperture affect my photographs. And ...
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What does f-stop mean?

What does f-stop mean? Is it the same thing when people say "2 stops" for example?
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Is it practical to shoot portraits by only candlelight?

Is it practical to shoot portraits in candle lights, only, provided there is no flash around? If yes, then for portrait shots, where and how should one place the candles? Are there any specific ...
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What camera settings would make shooting easy in a darkish church?

I tried to take photographs in a church that was bright enough for human eyes, but I quickly realized the camera couldn't take it. Failing to anticipate this, I didn't bring a tripod. Since I don't ...
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What mm lens for distance shots?

If I am looking to take landscape and wildlife shots and some of those shots being from a decent distance what mm lens would I need? I am not sure what else I should be adding here, I am just looking ...
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Is a 50mm f/1.8 or a 55-200mm f/4.5-5.6 a better lens for portraits, and why?

I just recently bought "Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II" for a Canon rebel T3. This was about $100. I just came across "Canon EF 55-200mm f/4.5-5.6 II USM" which is only about $40 more right now. My wife ...
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How do I choose between an SLR or an expensive P&S?

I am planning to buy a new camera and am all confused. I am an amateur photographer who likes to click good photographs. I try to make the most of my Nikon CoolPix camera and have some decent ...
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Is the Nikon D7200 a significant upgrade to a Canon Rebel T3?

Is the Nikon D7200 a significant upgrade to a Canon Rebel T3? I've read and compared all the specs so no need to rehash those. I am just wondering will I notice an improvement in the quality of my ...
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Is the Panasonic Lumix 14-42mm or 20mm pancake better for night shots?

I'm a total noob on photography, and I own a Lumix G2 camera. I accidentally broke the default 14-42mm lens, so I'm thinking of getting either a replacement of that or buying a new (more expensive) ...
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Is the Panasonic Leica Summilux DG 25mm f/1.4 as good as the name implies?

I’ve got a soft spot for fast, normal lenses, and while I normally shoot with a Pentax DSLR, Panasonic’s Leica DG Summilux 25mm / F1.4 ASPH has had me sneaking drooling glances at Micro ...
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How does auto focus tracking work in DSLRs

I thought auto focus tracking comes from the computation of image on the image sensor when I was using GF1, a MILC. The auto focus tracking was good. However when I use canon 6D, a DSLR the auto focus ...
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Why would a full frame prime lens be less effective on a Nikon d5300?

I've seen many reviews that say Nikon FX lenses like the Nikkor 35mm f/1.4G or Nikkor 85mm f/1.8G have great sharpness and bokeh and of course work on Nikon APS-C sensor cameras like my D5300. But I'...
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Can anyone tell me what camera/lens is in this picture of a Nikon F with 50mm lens?

Where would I look on the camera to figure out the specifications of this camera? I've never really owned a camera before.
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Do fixed focus distance lenses exist for Micro Four Thirds?

I have a Panasonic GH5 camera. Is there a Micro Four Third lens that has fixed focus? I want a lens that would allow me to just shoot video of my son running around without using the AF/MF, I do not ...
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