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I would like to shoot professionally but am having an issue with my Nikon D3300. I shoot product photography, mainly sunglasses. My questions is what function, mode, and option should I choose on ...
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Help with Scientific Cannabis photography [duplicate]

I work in a marijuana testing lab in Washington. Part of our workflow is to capture an image of each sample as it is weighed, for later reference/analysis. We're pretty excited to be creating high ...
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How to improve macro photo sharpness? [duplicate]

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In food photography (using a nifty fifty lens) how can I make my food shot more in focus and not blurry?

I've recently purchased a "nifty fifty" lens for my food photography. I've noticed that when I'm taking photos of my food, I just can't seem to get the focus down. For example, when I get my shot ...
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How do I get adequate depth of field in macro photography?

I have been messing around with some Macro Photography using the techniques (and a reversal ring) described in a blog post by @ElendilTheTall My main issue is that I am having a hard time getting the ...
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How can I get sharp macro photos like this example?

How can I get a sharp photo like this photo: For macro photography, I use a Nikon 105mm VR II with D300s. Can I get something like ...
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What should I consider when getting a camera for product photography?

I am planning to get a camera for some product photography. I have a tripod and white cardboard area. I think I will not require a high-end camera for this. I am simply planning to get photos of gift ...
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Why are my product photographs not sharp?

I just bought a Canon 750D. The picture has too much noise. The detail/shine of the diamond is not really showing. I am also using a tripod and timer. The lens is the EF-S 18-55mm ƒ/3.5-5.6 IS STM. ...
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How can I get crisp, clear product photography with everything in focus?

I'm guessing the answer to this question might be "the lens", but being a newbie in photography maybe that's too predictable... Alright, so I am shooting some handbags, and I am trying to replicate ...
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Olympus XZ-1 or Lumix LX5?

I wonder which one of the two cameras should I get. Here is one comparison. I've seen good photos on flickr using both cameras, so I'm not sure. People say that the Lumix's aperture is slower than the ...
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How to improve these macro shots

I recently bought a shiny new dSLR, mainly because my old camera was annoying me so much! Needless to say, the new camera is a massive stride forward in image quality. In particular, my old camera ...
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