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GIMP Image Auto-Align Plug-In: I. just. do. not. get. it. Sorry! [duplicate]

Dammit Jim, I'm a photographer not a computer expert! I have tried to use GIMP's Auto-Image-Alignment plug-in and everything's there but I just do not get how it works! I have 100 pictures of our ...
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Is there any software to batch align copies of a pictures? [duplicate]

Are there any software to batch-align copies of a picture so that they are in same position ? These picture were clicked with a handheld camera. They are all landscape shots taken at different parts ...
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How to line up the subject in a series of photos? [duplicate]

I have a series of photographs each taken about 3 days apart over 4 months, there are about 60 images in total. I'd like to be able to present them as an animated gif but without the subject seeming ...
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How do I shift a series of time lapsed photos (a week between each photo) to match hardpoints? [duplicate]

I have collected a series of photos approximately 1 week apart using a drone. Thus, the photos are slightly different. I want to transform each photo using a series of hard points so that those ...
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Which tools are good for creating panoramas/stitching multiple photos?

Can anyone recommend some good tools for creating panoramas from multiple photos. (Free and commercial) Personally I use either Windows and Ubuntu, but I'm not fussy, suggestions for other platforms ...
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How do I combine multiple exposures for action shots?

I'd like to create one of those "stacked" action shot images where multiple exposures are combined to show the subject moving across a static background. Here's an example I found on Flickr (by ...
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How to auto-align a stack of head shots?

I am working on my own "everyday face" project - taking pictures of myself to combine them in a sequence afterwards. I'm wondering what is the easiest and fastest way to align all pictures so my ...
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How do I align/stabilize images for a timelapse?

I've taken a picture of my yard every day for a while now, all from the same angle. I'd like to align them all and crop a bit off the edges so they are stable for a timelapse. Right now there are 450 ...
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Software to Auto Align and Blend HDR

I am looking for software that can align photos which are slightly misaligned and then blend them together to produce a HDR photograph. I often find that I am faced with a shot that my camera cannot ...
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What methods exist for time-lapse photography? (Over multiple days)

So, I've been trying to get into taking time-lapse photos. I already have a number of sample images of melting snow, in panorama. (I'd like to do all four seasons somewhere.) My question is: what ...
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Is it possible to combine several manually taken photographs of a still presentation slide into an image of a better quality?

I often go to presentations and take photos of slides. Sometimes I sit too far, and photos come out blurred or noisy. It is known that if to take N photographs of the same object from exactly the ...
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