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Photo Competition 2021-11-15: Landscapes

Theme: Landscapes Candidates:  1. Open wide areas with some point of interest.  2. Mountains/Valleys. Open wide areas are a must. "Close ups" shots of a tree/hut won't be acceptable. This ...
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A camera that takes real photos without manipulation like old analog cameras

In modern digital cameras there are many settings which are applied automatically to the photos. And it does not always result in good ways. Recently I saw two photos of the same face one from a old ...
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How to convert JPEG to RAW in Photoshop or similar?

I am having a competition in which I have to submit images in RAW format. But I have already clicked some images with Nikon D3200 in JPEG.Is there any way to convert JPEG to RAW format in Photoshop or ...
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Can digital cameras sign images to prove authenticity?

Beyond the metadata/EXIF/IPTC (which can be easily altered), is it possible to prove that an image is authentic? If this is not possible, how does a photojournalist prove the authenticity of an ...
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How to detect if a photo's metadata has been changed?

There was a photography contest and it was limited to only three days of shooting - but the winning photo seemed a little out of season. So I suspect that the winner changed the metadata on the ...
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How can I tell if a photo is real or faked?

How can I tell if a photo has been edited or manipulated? Are there techniques for distinguishing real photos from fakes? Are there software tools that can help? Are there things I can do in ...
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How to identify photoshop-edited files

If I have saved an image in JPG format after doing some edits, is there a way to identify that it is edited with Photoshop?
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How do I make my image comply with the requirements of this photography competition?

I am participating in a photography competition. There is something that I want to ask you about: We may require the originals of the awarded photographs to be submitted by the relevant ...
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Why does the histogram of an image depends on the software that opened it?

If I open a raw image in Photoshop and Paintshop pro their histograms and their look is different. However, if I open a Jpeg image in both Software, then their histogram and look is the same. What ...
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What are the editing restrictions for sports/photo journalism?

I've heard from various online videos or articles of pros talking about how National Geographic doesn't allow this or AP doesn't allow that. Does anyone know if these rules are written down somewhere ...
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Is there a way to check whether the image has been modified with Exiftool?

Using Exiftool, is there a way to check whether the image has been modified in any way, by say, comparing the dates in EXIF data? I was thinking something along the lines of comparing shooting date ...
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