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Is there any point in ultra-high ISO for DSLR [not film]? [duplicate]

This isn't a moan - though it easily could be - but is there any real practical use for the high ISO capabilities of modern DSLRs? Some background, as this is my first question here - I'm very new to ...
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Can ultra-high ISO ever yield good results? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is high ISO useful for photography? My camera can apparently extend to really high ISO's, however I see serious noise over 2,000 ISO at any shutter/apeture combination. In ...
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Why do digital cameras not have an iso rating? [duplicate]

With conventional cameras your camera had a maximum shutter speed ( typically 1600 ), and the film you used had an ISO speed rating at which it was meant to be able to get a proper exposure under "...
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What is "ISO" on a digital camera?

What is "ISO" in general, and how is the scale defined? How does the ISO scale for film speed differ from ISO sensitivity as used in digital cameras? Is lower ISO always better?
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Astrophotography picture with too much noise. How do I correct this in postprocessing?

This is the Milky Way above Kakadu National Park, Australia, and my first try at astrophotography. Thirty second exposure, f/4.0 at 17mm with ISO 12800 (!!) which in hindsight probably was way too ...
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When determining exposure, is ISO typically taken into consideration secondary to aperture and shutter speed or is it equally as important?

In other words, do professional photographers typically pick the aperture and shutter speed they want and then after those are picked adjust the ISO until their exposure meter shows the shot as being ...
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Does high shutter speed make up for no tripod?

I take a lot of macro pictures, so using a tripod can be very inconvenient at times. And when I'm so close to an insect I find my hands shaking a lot even though I try to be as stable as possible. So ...
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What camera feature to look for to capture moving subjects clearly?

I'm a beginner to photography. I want take pictures of moving objects clearly. Which feature should I look for while buying a camera? What setting is needed to click blur moving object and also ...
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What is the highest acceptable ISO to use for weddings with Canon 7D? [closed]

I recently had my first wedding shoot(yippie!). For a person like me who usually shoot still life and landscape, weddings is a whole new world. I am used to shooting at low ISO's (800 or less) but the ...
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Night-time football game under field lights

I am shooting a little league football game at night under the field lights for the first time amd I have a few questions to ask. I will be using the Canon EOS 60D camera with a Canon 24-70mm 1:2.8 L ...
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Why are all indoor pictures with my camera grainy?

I'm a beginner who just bought a Panasonic Lumix DC-FZ82 and expected better results than on my iPhone. I've consumed a bunch of how-to's and understand the basics of f-stops, ISO, shutter speed, etc....
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Why is a low base (minimum) ISO desirable in stills cameras?

Why is low base ISO so desirable in stills cameras, when the opposite seems to be true for digital motion picture cameras, for instance Arri Alexa, Sony F65 and F55, Canon C300, C500? As an amateur ...
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What are the applications for high ISO shooting? [closed]

EOS high-end cameras seem to have a very high ISO range. According to some charts, the prosumer 6D has 102400 ISO extrapolated and the 1Dx can go up to 400K ISO. These numbers seem insanely high to me....
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Why do cameras include very high ISO settings even though they are so noisy?

Why do they make DSLRs' ISO settings go so high? I own three different Nikon cameras and every one of them, once you pass a pathetic 320 ISO, the noise in my photos is lousy and — all 3 cameras cost ...
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What's the intended use of lens with f-numbers close to or "faster" than f/1?

Lens with f/1.2 are rather expensive and not very widespread. Lens with f/0.95, f/0.85, f/0.8 do exist but they are also very expensive and quite rare. Lens with f/0.7 are so rare that some of them ...
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