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What open source software for auto-alignment of photographs?

Do you know any open source tool to automatically align images, similar to the auto align feature in Photoshop?
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How do I create a panoramic picture?

I saw a nice panoramic image online. How do I go about creating my own (say, of my yard at home)?
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How did John Cheng create his photograph of Simone Biles at the FIG Gymnastics World Championships?

Question: This photograph was taken by John K Cheng, staff photographer of USA Gymnastics. Which techniques or camera equipment were employed to make this shot ? Here is a video of the actual vault ...
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What is it called when you put a sequence of photos together to show an event?

I just been taking photos of a demolition of a building and I am trying to remember what the technique is called when you go in Photoshop and put a sequence of photos together to show the event. What ...
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How to show the differences between two images in one combined image in Photoshop?

I have two images of a watch, with the watch placed in the same position, but the second-hand in two different positions. And I want to show up the same second-hand in two different positions in the ...
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Is there an automated way to create composites from multiple images of a moving object? [duplicate]

I have a large series of aligned images of an object in motion (camera and background stationary) I want to overlay into a single image to show the object in each frame without any alpha blending. I ...
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How to capture multiple (action) exposures of someone in a single image? [duplicate]

Can anyone clarify how to capture a photo as shown below? Is there any specific settings in camera, or is it done via post-processing using Photoshop or any other photo editing software? I own Nikon ...
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Stacking photos for moon movement [duplicate]

I took many pictures of the lunar eclipse from last week with a stationary camera and now I want to merge them so I get something like ...
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duplicate people with overlayed photos [duplicate]

I was reading this post and i saw that image of the guy jumping while skiing, and I was wondering. How did the photographer did that effect? It's clear that you need multiple shots with a tripod, but ...
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How to achieve a multiple merged photograph [duplicate]

Can any one tell me how i can achieve multiplicity photography. Please refer the link below. Let say a child is playing in garden and we are merging 10 to 12 images into a single image? Google ...
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How can I create a double exposure image in Photoshop?

I have two photos I want to use to create a double exposure image. How can I do this with Photoshop CS5?
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