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What is something you learned recently about your gear that you wish you discovered earlier?

I'm playing with my old XTi with a new travel lens, Tamron 18-270mm and I'm reading the instruction sheet for the Tamron and read a section about Manual focusing and got to the small print. Even in ...
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What is the "Rule of Thirds"?

Please can someone explain the "Rule of Thirds"? What is it? What does it tell me? Why is it important? What can I do with it?
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How do I "focus and recompose" using spot metering?

I usually use the "[auto]focus and recompose" method for taking candid photographs. In situations where there is a high degree of contrast, I would like to use spot metering to correct expose for ...
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Why do some lenses focus past infinity?

On the kit 18-55 lens that came with my Nikon D5100 I have noticed that when trying to focus on infinity for shots in dark conditions (star-trails, etc) the lens tends to move past infinity out of ...
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Which is better - autofocus and recompose vs. manual focus?

In some occasions autofocus doesn't focus what I intend it to. What is the better option - to use autofocus, focus what I want and recompose, or use manual focus in that situation?
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How can I focus on only part of the scene when there are multiple objects at the same distance?

I just wanted to have the red leaf focus only, and not have the nearby twigs in focus too. How can I achieve that? I locked the focus on the read leaf then move the camera to reposition the scene. ...
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If I'm using only one focus point, am I doing it wrong?

Unless I have to shot a person or an object which moves, I set my camera to use only one focus point at the middle. It feels just more natural and so easy: when I need to focus on something which is ...
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What are some common gotchas and missed capabilities migrating from compacts to DSLRs

It has been just a couple weeks since I bought an old Nikon D40X after using a Canon SX120IS for a year. The only things I miss so far are the ability to fine adjust the exposure using the back ...
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What is the advantage of a lens with a curved focal plane?

In this answer it is noted that: many lenses intended specifically for portraits or fisheye lenses, are designed to have a spherical field of focus What advantages does having a spherical (or ...
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Which focus mode should I use for a portrait shoot?

I have to do a portrait shoot for a friend. My camera (Pentax K-30) allows me to focus in the following modes: 1 focus point (center) 11 auto focus points 5 auto focus points I haven't yet ...
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rule of thirds difficulty to focus

I don't get it why camera manufacturers don't put an af point where the intersection of the "rule of thirds" lie? Shooting would be a lot better
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What's the advantage of many autofocus points rather than fewer spread wider across the field? [duplicate]

I have a D3200 with 11 focusing points: The newer and more expensive bodies have even more focus points like e.g. the D610: I mostly work in Single-point AF mode, which means I choose one of the 11 ...
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Is recomposing ideal rather than changing focus point?

As a beginner in photography I’ve stumbled across several videos stating that the center point is the sharpest and most accurate point as apposed to the others. I’ve seen many photographers take ...
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Do lenses have focal planes or focal spheres/ellipsoids?

The title says it pretty much all. I'm asking this because I find myself always using the focus point in the center, and after I focused, I rotate my camera to make the framing right. However, if ...
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How do I tell my T2i to use a particular spot for AF reference?

I just got a 50mm f/1.2 to go along with my T2i, but many of my photos are out of focus because the AF catches my subject's knee instead of her eyes, despite focusing on her eyes and recomposing. ...
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