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Why do photos of digital screens turn out the way they do? [duplicate]

When I take pictures of a screen at school or at my house, they turn out really weirdly. When blown up to 100%, they look fine, but when they get sized down, they look really weird, here is a ...
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Is there a name for artifacts for taking a photo of LCD / LED screens and how to remove or avoid it? [duplicate]

The following is a photo of a game console 3DS, although the 3D is turned off: There is "fish nest" artifacts, and sometimes the lines even curve on some photos. iPhotos on a Mac seems to try to ...
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Why there is a ripple on my image? [duplicate]

I'm taking several images of my company products, and this is what I considered the best shot. However, it has a sort of "rippling effect", which is more clearly visible when it's not viewed full ...
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Phenomenon where a repeating pattern on a photo is colorized in alternating stripes [duplicate]

What is the name of the phenomenon where a repeating pattern on a photo is colorized in alternating stripes, like this? In addition, does leading software like Photoshop and Lightroom have ...
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What are these bands called? [duplicate]

I wanted to know what this sort of distortion / artefact is called?
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What's the difference between using black and white mode in-camera, and converting in post?

For black and white photography, will there be any quality difference between using the built-in black and white mode, or shooting in color initially and then removing the color later using Photoshop (...
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Pattern shown in LED screen background used as backdrop on a stage

I'm trying to figure out an oddity in photographing a large LED background. I'm using a Canon 5D Mark II with a 100-400 lens although it occurs with any lens and at any focal length. The camera is ...
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How do fashion photographers avoid moire?

If moire effects occur regularly when shooting patterned fabric or leather, and if AA filters are only a partial fix in some cases, how do fashion photographers cope with moire effects?
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What do the different noise reduction options in Silkypix mean?

I'm playing around with RAW files in Silkypix that came with my Panasonic camera and I am thoroughly confused by the sliders for the noise reduction and the Silkypix manual isn't of much help (at ...
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What is an AA Filter?

This question is from most recent release of Nikon's new version, the Nikon D5300. In one review, D5200 vs D5300, it says the the D5200 has an AA Filter. What is an AA Filter? What are its specific ...
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Which gear can be used to specifically eliminate moire?

I currently have a canon 100D (I'm not a photographer - I own a business and do my own product photography because of budget constraints). The moire shows up on solid colour garments. I have tried ...
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How can I fix false rainbow-looking color shades in pictures of fabric?

I just took a few pictures and realized they all came out with this "rainbow" looking shades. How can I fix it in post-processing? See below.
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does the presence of Moiré in a photo implies the "lens outresolve the sensor"?

I sometimes come across affirmative comments such as "there's moiré in the photo so the lens out-resolves the sensor". But is it true? I would say: moiré in a photo isn't a sufficient indication ...
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What could be causing these lines and distortion?

I have a Sony DSC-W830 as a little budget camera for a trip, and I've had it for about a year now. Lately the images have begun to come out with some odd lines and what I could only describe as "...
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Weird colour artifacts with Sony a7 III. What's the cause and how can I fix it?

I took some photos with my a7 iii and a Tamron 28-75 lens yesterday and one of the subjects was wearing a shirt made with pink and white fibers. I'm seeing some weird artifacts in the colors that I've ...
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