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What situations are best suited for spot metering?

I have found myself using spot metering on several occasions in order to get the right exposure, such as sunsets and on bright days with a subject in the shade. What other situations are well suited ...
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Why would I want to select an autofocus point?

I'm trying to understand why I would ever want to select an auto focus point other then the center point. I have a Canon XTI Rebel DSLR which has 9 auto-focus points, but I'm also looking into getting ...
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How do I use spot metering?

What's the right way to use spot metering? Is it better to use in manual mode than one of the priority modes? There's a question about when to use spot metering, but none that serves as a tutorial to ...
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How do you use the different autofocus points on your DSLR?

My Nikon D300 has quite a few autofocus points. There's a button I can operate with my thumb to change the autofocus point but I find that quite difficult to use. So I almost exclusively use the ...
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What is the advantage of a lens with a curved focal plane?

In this answer it is noted that: many lenses intended specifically for portraits or fisheye lenses, are designed to have a spherical field of focus What advantages does having a spherical (or ...
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Why am I getting blurry images with a Sigma 35mm Art and Canon EOS 77D?

I recently got the Canon EOS 77D and the Sigma 35mm Art 1.4 I notice in my pictures stuff where i'm a little distance away I comes out blurry. My setting on here were ISO 800 f/1.4 1/160sec I do know ...
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How to ensure sharp focus when shooting with an open aperture?

I've bought a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 to use with my EOS 200D and while I love the wide aperture, it appears to be quite difficult to achieve sharp focus on people's faces when shooting at f/1.8. I've ...
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How to perform non-center focusing using common film SLR camera?

I have a Nikon FM2 camera with Nikkor 50/1.4D lens. Is there a way to focus on the area that is not center? This can be easily done with digital camera as Nikon D750, where we can just use focus ...
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Does an offset split-focus screen exist?

I shoot a Nikon F3 SLR with a split-focus screen, and I do a lot of portraits with very shallow depth of fields (e.g. 50mm f2.8 at 0.5m). When I shoot a portrait I focus on the eye first, then ...
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How can a subject stay in focus if the shot is recomposed afterwards?

I have a doubt about a procedure that I see many photographers continuously apply and they taught me. I see that, when they want to take a picture with their reflex, they do this sequence of steps: 1)...
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What can I do to improve my panoramas [closed]

I'm currently experimenting with mountain/countryside panoramas, using a Sigma 105mm f/2.5 DG macro HSM lens adapted to my EOS-M5. Here's my set of basic rules for making a set of photos to be ...
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