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What can I do to improve exposure on my Canon 30D? [duplicate]

All my pictures taken indoors show very low-light. I guess it should be giving more brightness when I chose f/5.6 aperture, 1/25 sec, ISO 200. And I doubt I might be doing something wrong or if its ...
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What situations are best suited for spot metering?

I have found myself using spot metering on several occasions in order to get the right exposure, such as sunsets and on bright days with a subject in the shade. What other situations are well suited ...
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What is Ansel Adams' "Zone System"?

I've heard much of Ansel Adams' Zone system, but I've never quite understood it. What is it, how and where is it used, and is it still useful with modern (digital) cameras? Thanks!
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What does it mean for a photograph to be "high key"?

As I learned the term, a high-key image is one where the shadows are effectively eliminated, and the mid-tone detail pushed into brighter zones. My question is simple: is this an accurate definition, ...
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When best to use Multi-Zone/Matrix, Spot, or Center-Weight exposure metering modes?

What are Multi-Zone/Matrix metering, Center-Weighted metering, and Spot metering? What about Partial? Is there a good rule of thumb, or a few pointers, on when best to use each exposure metering mode?...
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What is dynamic range and how is it important in photography?

Wikipedia says that the dynamic range is the "ratio between the largest and smallest possible values of a changeable quantity". Ok, I get that. I suppose that's why HDR photos have a "high dynamic ...
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What is the relationship between ISO, aperture, and shutter speed?

I know digital cameras have ISO options, and that ISO is the camera's sensitivity to light, but if you set higher ISO then you can get a noisy image. I also know there are two other camera options, ...
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What is HDR photography?

What is HDR photography, and when might it be useful?
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Are color and tones in this seascape fine?

Just about color and toning — is it right or could it be better? (In that case please specify Lightroom or Photoshop actions to perform.) I feel it is a bit too dark (it really seems like if there is ...
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What is "correct" exposure?

Photography has been my hobby for far too many decades — first on film, and now digital (for about seven years). I recently had occasion to use exposure bracketing seriously for the first time, when I ...
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Why does EV increase as ISO increases?

From what I understand, the lower the EV value, the more exposed (bright) the image is. EV decreases as aperture decreases. More light gets in with lower apertures. EV decreases as shutter speed ...
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Were these Robert Frank photographs made by underexposing in camera versus in development?

These are example images which I think is purposely underexposed: Robert Frank, The Americans Plate 43. Robert Frank, Mary and Pablo in Bed, c.1954 My question is that are those images underexposed ...
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How to adjust exposure compensation with Nikon DSLR in low light condition?

I am using Nikon D5000. Struggle to achieve correct exposure in low light or night portraiture. I tried to adjust exposure compensation manually in aperture mode,but could not get good result. Can ...
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Should I use EC when all details are captured?

I took this picture after looking at the histogram from my camera. Supposedly the details of the main object at the center was not clipped, but it is surely too dark to see it clearly. So i used ...
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For the same FOV and f-stop, will total luminous flux increase linearly with sensor area?

Suppose I have two different cameras, one with a sensor whose area is twice the other's. Further assume the sensors have the same aspect ratio. Suppose I put 35 mm-equivalent lenses on both, thus ...
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