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How can I calculate what the effect of an extension tube will be?

There must be a mathematical description of the difference that an extension tube makes to a lens -- is it something that can be easily described? (For example, with teleconverters you can say things ...
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What are the major differences when digitizing slides/negatives with a DSLR vs. a scanner?

A flickr discussion, pointed in an answer to another question, got me excited in scanning old slides & negatives with a tripod, lightbox, macro lens and a DSLR (or with a similar set). I have ...
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What does "magnification" mean?

When speaking about lenses, especially for macro-photography, I often hear about magnification. Sometimes it appears in the form of a ratio (1:1, 1:2), sometimes as a single number (0.5x). Sometimes ...
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How do zoom, magnification, and focal length relate?

Zoom lenses and cameras with superzooms are often sold with a times ("×") zoom number — like a 12x zoom or 30x zoom. The question How do I convert lens focal length (mm) to x-times optical zoom? ...
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How to digitize film on a budget?

Recently I have been shooting and developing some 35mm film. A few days ago I thought of scanning the film but it looked like my canon TR7550 does not support scanning film. The white part of the ...
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Differences between the PB-4 and PB-6 bellows for my Nikon camera?

I'm looking into used PB-4 or PB-6 bellows for my Nikon system that I use to do amateur botanical shots. Currently I use a couple of macro lenses and some extenders. The price of each bellows is ...
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Can I use a Nikon 50mm f/2 pre-AI on my Nikon D5100?

Can I use a Nikon 50mm f/2 pre-AI on my Nikon D5100? Will it cause any damage to my camera?
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Avoiding blurry edges with slide duplicator + macro lens

I have just bought a Kaiser Digital Slide Duplicator in order to digitise 35mm slides (mostly positives), since this is something I need to do fairly often. In general, I have seen lots of people ...
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Do I need a macro lens to do macro shots with a bellows unit?

I have a Nikon bellows unit and would like to pair it up with a 50mm adapted lens. Do I need to acquire a macro lens or will a standard lens work? Is a 50mm okay. I just would like to do macro. The ...
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Can I use a LCD as backlight for acquiring film using a DSLR?

After asking about using a DSLR for acquiring film, I am at the stage of looking for a proper backlight. I assume a high CRI light source is required to properly reproduce each colours of the film: ...
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How can I use a Nikkor mikro on a full frame DSLR to photograph 35 mm film and slides?

I have a Nikon D800 and a Nikkor mikro 105 mm (old version, no VR) and I would like to scan 35 mm film and slides. I see that film adaptors meant for macro lenses usually require 55-60 mm lenses, for ...
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