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Card cannot be accessed. Reinsert/change the card or format card with camera [duplicate]

Card cannot be accessed. Reinsert/change the card or format card with camera Really this is The Worst Message any Photographer could Have ! First, I own Canon T4i/650D , I was photographing a concert ...
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Lost photos on my SD card while shooting with Nikon D80 [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I recover deleted photos from an SD Card? I spend a day in and around Verona, Italy past weekend and was shooting around with a lent Nikon D80. I used a 2G SD card for ...
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How do I recover files from SD Card that went from one camera to another? [duplicate]

A couple of years ago, I made the mistake of transferring my SD card from one camera (a Polaroid point-and-shoot that had low battery charge at the time) to another (an AGFA Photo point-and-shoot). I ...
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How can I recover erased images on a SanDisk Ultra Plus memory card? [duplicate]

I have a Sandisk UltraPlus 16GB card—used in a Canon Powershot SX30IS—on which nearly every frame has been erased…I don't know how. I do not format. I use the card as storage. I use a card till it'...
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Corrupted photos [duplicate]

Unfortunately SD Card (Kingston 64gb) that I've used in a photoshoot appeared to be faulty and large part of images taken are simply not visible. However I've been able to copy the files from the card....
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How can I recover photo files from a memory card with a corrupt filesystem?

I know this is not specifically a photography issue but since many of us with prosumer/professional-level DLSRs use Compact Flash cards, it is bound to happen to others as well. I have a Sandisk 16GB ...
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Is there a way to read or recover corrupted/incomplete photos on CF card?

OK, last summer I was traveling and we decided to go on a cycle and I thought that would be a great opportunity to play around with some timelapse stuff. I've got a Nikon D70 so I had to tape down the ...
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How can I retrieve internal memory photos on D3100?

I have a Nikon D3100 SLR camera. Recently bought a new SDHC card but forgot to format it before using, so all photos wen to camera internal memory. I only realised this when we went to upload on the ...
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How to recover raw files from formatted SD card?

I know there is an answer that covers recovering photos from sd card and plenty of links online but I need one that can cover RAW files (specifically sony raw files in my case. arw). Is there one that ...
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If images are "protected" on a memory card but I accidentally format it, will they be any easier to recover?

I protected (or locked around 10) pictures on my Nikon D750 with the intention of deleting other files off my memory card to continue to use the card. However, instead of doing that, I accidentally ...
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Problem with recover photos - all are black

I use camera Sony DSC-W630, and SD card of 8 gb, and I didn't have any problems so far. But now all my photos from a holiday in Italy are lost. Everything was ok and then, when I tried to transfer ...
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What should I do about this strange CF behavior, where I lost tonight's pictures?

I have taken over 14,000 photos with my Canon 7D and loaded them into my Windows 7 desktop computer the same way, by inserting the CF card into my computer's reader. The point is that I know how it ...
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How to recover files from unintentionally formatted SD card?

I have unintentionally formatted the SDXC card from my Sony camera and realised that I had not downloaded all the Photos and Video from it. I have tried various recovery programmes a couple of which ...
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Are there any cameras which require a PIN before deleting photos?

This would protect you from mischievous kids (or malicious brats, as the case may be).
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Why are my photos taken with Finepix Z5 corrupted?

I have 2GB XD card that contains a few hundreds photos taken with my Finepix Z5. I have lost the USB cable, so I use a card adapter plugged in my PC to retrieve the pics. But some photos are ...
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