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Do I need a Zoom, Macro, or Telephoto lens for birds and sports? [duplicate]

What lens should I purchase to take pictures of fast moving subjects at a distance, magnify them with crisp detail so to speak freeze them in action, and bring them close (as subjects for my drawings ...
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What lens focal length most closely resembles the perspective of the human eye?

For example, if I have a lens that is 16mm-50mm, which focal length would be the closest to the human eye's view? (I don't have a camera yet, so I'm just curious.) Would 50mm be more zoomed in than "...
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What focal length gives a "normal" field-of-view on APS-C cameras?

I wish to purchase a "standard angle-of-view" prime lens for my Canon Rebel, which has an APS-C sized sensor. Various articles note that the popular "nifty 50mm" lenses are a little too much of a ...
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What lenses are must-have yet affordable for a Canon T2i camera?

I have a canon T2i camera. I am beginner looking for some tips on the best lenses to carry around.
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What is a normal lens?

I've heard people call 50mm lenses "normal lenses". For a lens to be considered normal, does it have to be exactly 50mm or is there some leeway? Does the normal focal length depend on crop factor of ...
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So my iPhone 6 camera lens is as wide as my full frame 35mm DSLR lens?

I am trying to understand what is the deal with "full-frame" and what difference it makes, so did a silly test: I sat at my bed and aligned the iPhone 6 camera with the door of the room and took a ...
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How do manufacturers get to high (83x) zoom levels on hybrid cameras?

Obviously the biggest hybrid zoom on the market (Nikon Coolpix P900 I think) does not range from actual 24 mm to 2 meters in physical length, but what kind of optical systems do manufacturers use to ...
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Why do photographed objects in the distance appear smaller than they do by naked eye?

Why do objects in photos appear smaller than they do when viewed by the naked eye? For example, a mountain would appear far smaller in a photo than in real life. Does it have to do with the field of ...
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What lens would I need to photograph a very distant cathedral dome?

I want to be able to photograph the dome of St Paul's cathedral from King Henry's Mound in Richmond Park. Would a telephoto or zoom lens be the best, what focal length/zoom would be the best for ...
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Switching lens on Nikon D3100

I have a Nikon D3100. I purchased a Sigma DG 70-300mm 1:4-5:6 lens for the zoom. I have had very good luck with it, but don't like having to switch every time I want to "zoom". Is there a lens that ...
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What are all the types of lenses? [closed]

I see different types of lens in the market like prime, zoom, telephoto and macro. I'm not sure how many such types really exists and the functions/features of each. Can someone share an explanation ...
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