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Does focal length change when I adjust the focus? [duplicate]

When I adjust the focus of my camera, in general, does this affect the focal length? I have heard that it does.
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Why isn't this portrait taken at f/29 sharp?

I am confused as to why this picture is not sharp. This is a portrait shot at F/29 ISO100 1/250 with a 17-85mm lens focused at 38mm. The subject distance was 1.2M. My DOF app tells me that my DOF ...
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How can a lens with a single focal length focus on more than one plane?

By definition, a prime lens is a fixed lens system with a fixed focal length. Then, simple physics tells us that it should be able to focus only on one plane (at a fixed distance) in front of it. But ...
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Why is depth of field affected by focal length?

As the focal length decreases, the depth of field increases as well. Why is this? I'm not so much interested in a physics lesson as I am interested in a simple, down-to-earth explanation.
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What is the technical difference between focus and zooming?

This may look like a silly question but I don't know what the difference between zooming and focusing is. Zooming in will usually let me have fewer subjects in the scene while zooming out will allow ...
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How can a 18-55mm lens focus on objects beyond 55mm?

I guess this is a total noob question, but doesn't 18-55mm mean that it can focus only up to 55mm?
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What is a parfocal lens and how beneficial is it to photography?

I heard someone say that after using a parfocal lens for the first time, they would never switch back. What is a parfocal lens, how is it different from any other lens, and what are the advantages and ...
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Is it normal for focal length to change while focusing?

When I change the focus distance on my Pentax 55-300mm lens, the focal length appears to change. More specifically, the lens appears to zoom in as I focus towards the minimum focusing distance. This ...
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At what distance from the lens will the image be in focus given a subject distance and focal length? [closed]

I've been trying to figure this one out for more than an hour now and I have no idea how to calculate this... You capture a picture of a tree which is standing 3m away from the camera. The focal ...
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How does changing focus affect focal length?

I know when I change focal length of my zoom lens the physical length of it is changed. It's understandable: the optical parameters of the lens were changed. But what is going on when focus is changed?...
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How can I calculate sensor size (width and height) from focus length, vertical, and horizontal angle of view?

How to calculate sensor size (width/height) when knowing focus length, vertical & horizontal angle view (FOV)?
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