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Match colors in Lightroom to other editing tools [duplicate]

I noticed that sometimes Lightroom develops a raw image quite differently from my Canon camera or DPP (Digital Photo Professional by Canon). Even if in 90% of the cases I'm happy with Lightroom, in ...
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Assuming no editing, what's the difference between in-camera jpegs and lightroom jpegs? [duplicate]

I have a Canon 6D. I usually shoot RAW + JPEG. I shoot RAW so I have the option to edit, but I don't actually edit most of my pictures. I've noticed that if I just import into Lightroom and export ...
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Canon custom white balance does not import to Lightroom / Photoshop [duplicate]

I have a Canon SL1. I snapped several shots this morning with a custom white balance that was set in camera. When I import the photos to Lightroom, they come in without the custom white balance. ...
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Image artefacts when exporting RAW to JPEG [duplicate]

I have a bunch of pictures in RAW format (.CR2) taken with a Canon EOS 1100D. When I view these files using Windows Photos app the images look great, however when exporting to JPEG using RawTherapee ...
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Why is Aperture changing the color of my RAW photos?

For some strange reason, Aperture 3 seems to shift the colors of the raw images, after importing them. For example, the reds become washed out and something not red. In the following example, the red ...
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How can I reproduce the camera-internal postprocessing?

I just started playing around with raw images. When opening the raw image in Raw Therapee, it looks completely different than the JPEG produced by the camera: (left is raw, right is JPEG) I figured ...
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Why can software correct white balance more accurately for RAW files than it can with JPEGs?

Why are post-processing JPEG white balance corrections not as accurate as white balance with Raw? My understanding is that when shooting jpeg the camera internally does the following steps: Convert ...
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Are paler raw images normal for a newer sensor with higher dynamic range?

I started photography with the Canon EOS M (the very first in the M series). Recently I bought the Canon EOS M6 and of course now I try to compare the two image quality wise. To my surprise, although ...
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Why does the quality of photos shot in RAW change after a few seconds when viewing them on a computer?

I have been taking a photo class for the past month or so and the professor told us to shoot in raw for a few assignments. When I view the pictures shot in RAW (on a canon rebel t7) on my computer, ...
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Opening NEF files on windows initially open fine but then change contrast

I have a strange issue with Windows 10 When I open .nef files they load fine. However after a second or two the contrast changes noticeably. I tried ...
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Why do my RAW pictures look fine in Lightroom preview but become faded when exported?

I've noticed that when I export RAW pictures, they look absolutely fine in Lightroom before being exported but after they look "washed out". I mean that when I make my selection before exporting to ...
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Why are colors different between RAW and JPEG when both are viewed in Lightroom?

Yesterday I was shooting images of trees that were wrapped in the beautiful baby lights that stores put in holidays. I noticed, when I went back home and checked my photos, that there is a slight ...
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How to use Lightroom and Photoshop Elements together?

I know the catalog cannot be shared between these two programs, but what is a good way to have them coexist together? It seems like I would have to have a separate copy of my photos that each program ...
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raw image looks perfect in camera and lr4 but awful in cs6

I'm not sure if it's my camera, or my photoshop cs6, but I shoot manually and use AWB. i've never had an issue until recently. My images look great in my cameras viewfinder, but when I open them up in ...
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Why does NEF file get washed out/highlights while my JPG look normal? [duplicate]

TLDR. is just the title. I know nothing about photography, sorry. My dad has a d90 he never uses, so I use it to take photos when I need them for something. Anyways, I put it on raw mode. when I ...
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