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What is "angle of view" in photography?

I read on the Lens Buying Guide @ neocamera: Focal-length determines the angle-of-view seen through a lens for a given sensor-size. With a full-frame sensor a lens gives the same angle-of-view ...
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How do I convert lens focal length (mm) to x-times optical zoom?

What is the rule to convert the 'mm' notation to the 'optical zoom' notation? I searched a bit and found this one: optical zoom = maximum focal length / minimum focal length For example a 18-55mm ...
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What is the technical difference between focus and zooming?

This may look like a silly question but I don't know what the difference between zooming and focusing is. Zooming in will usually let me have fewer subjects in the scene while zooming out will allow ...
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How does changing focal length affect depth of field?

I'm curious about how my "area of acceptable focus" changes when the focal length of the lens I'm using changes as I zoom (or switch lenses). In particular, I'd like to know how the front & back ...
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How do manufacturers get to high (83x) zoom levels on hybrid cameras?

Obviously the biggest hybrid zoom on the market (Nikon Coolpix P900 I think) does not range from actual 24 mm to 2 meters in physical length, but what kind of optical systems do manufacturers use to ...
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When I use FX lenses on a DX camera, does the focal length or minimum aperture change?

If I put a Nikkor 35mm f/2 FX lens on a DX camera, is it still 35mm f/2, or has the effective focal length or minimum aperture changed, because it is being used on a smaller format than what it was ...
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How to zoom with Canon 77D with Canon 50mm 1.4 lens?

I've just bought this camera and the lens, and I feel so silly; I don't know how to zoom. Do you know how? When I turn it on it seems to be zoomed and I would like to zoom out.
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What does the millimeter measurement of a macro lens mean?

I understand that the millimeter measurement on a lens is, for lack of a better term, how far it can "zoom" in or out, but what about macro lenses? What does the millimeter measurement signify? How ...
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Is the kit lens focal length specified for APS-C or FF?

I have the 18-55mm kit lens for my Canon 50D and was wondering if they're still specified against full frame 1:1 crop? Would my 18mm actually be 1.6x? I ask because I doubt anyone with a full frame ...
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Why would lens be much longer than its focal length?

I accidentally saw Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 lens and noted that it is rather large for its focal length. Here's the first review of this lens search offered - looks like it's 107 millimeters long. Given ...
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How can I explain focal length to someone who isn't into photography?

Context So my friends and family are curious about how far my lens can reach. I usually explain with focal length and show them a few pictures. Question Is there any easier way to explain what ...
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What mm lens for distance shots?

If I am looking to take landscape and wildlife shots and some of those shots being from a decent distance what mm lens would I need? I am not sure what else I should be adding here, I am just looking ...
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What do the F and f numbers written on lens mean?

On this particular lens rim is written "F:2.6 f=3.8mm". What does it mean? Focal point 3.8 mm and aperture 1/2.6 of the focal point ???
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How far can a Nikon P900 focus?

A Nikon P900 has an effective focal length of 2000mm. What's the farthest away that I could get an object in focus with it?
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Inherited Canon lenses and ring flash — will this work with a new camera body?

Part of my dad's inheritance was a Canon 60D with a fair number of decent macro lenses. Since I've been slack trying to use it (it's been a year) my dear old mum is hinting that she might want it back....
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