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What is RAW, technically?

From a technical perspective, what exactly is RAW and how does it differ from JPG or bitmap images? I'm not asking about the pros/cons versus another format, but rather what constitutes RAW format, ...
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How to convert JPEG to RAW in Photoshop or similar?

I am having a competition in which I have to submit images in RAW format. But I have already clicked some images with Nikon D3200 in JPEG.Is there any way to convert JPEG to RAW format in Photoshop or ...
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What, if anything, does "RAW" stand for?

I understand that RAW files contain data straight from the sensor, that they're used as input to the production process that results in a final image, and that RAW isn't really one format but a ...
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Why does my Lightroom/Photoshop preview change after loading?

Everybody who is using Lightroom probably has seen this. After importing RAW files, Lightroom shows a preview, but contrast and color of the preview change after a few short seconds to a slightly ...
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Why do RAW images look worse than JPEGs in editing programs?

I've found that when you load a RAW image into an editing program such as Lightroom/Aperture, the image is usually worse than if you just took the image as JPEG. Now I understand that the camera does ...
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While shooting in RAW, do you have to post-process it to make the picture look good?

I always shoot in RAW. But I take lots of pictures, when I am out shooting I might come home with 600+ pictures. Many of these pics are copies of the same motive, but with different aperture, shutter, ...
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RAW files store 3 colors per pixel, or only one?

Ken Rockwell says that camera makers consider the individual R/G/B sensors when they talk about megapixels. So the image below would be a 6x6 pixel camera, not 3x3 as you would imagine. If that's ...
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Why can software correct white balance more accurately for RAW files than it can with JPEGs?

Why are post-processing JPEG white balance corrections not as accurate as white balance with Raw? My understanding is that when shooting jpeg the camera internally does the following steps: Convert ...
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Can all colors be described with RGB?

If one could pick ideal sensitivities for the RGB filters of a camera sensor, would it be possible to capture any color as humans see it?
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Why is Lightroom changing all the settings on my imported RAWs?

I'm importing pictures into Lightroom, and the NEF files look great at first glance when imported into Lightroom, but in a while the program changes all my pictures to super bright and just awful ...
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How many different RAW formats are there?

All major manufacturers seem to have their own raw file format. How many of them are? Do they all have similar information? Is there any standard?
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RAW in ACR vs JPG in ACR

Photoshop has now given the facility to open and edit JPEGs and other non-RAW file formats using Adobe Camera Raw. One doesn't have to shoot RAWs to do some heavy edits. So is there still any benefit ...
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What is white balance in a camera? When and where should I use WB? [duplicate]

I like to do different experiments in my photography. Recently I was experimenting with white balance. Can anyone help me? What is actually white balance and when it is used? Do you have an example?
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