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Do f-stops scale with sensor size the way focal length does? [duplicate]

Does the aperture rating scale with sensor size the way focal length does? For example, is a 25mm 1.2 MFT lens equivalent to a 50mm 1.2 FF lens or to a 50mm 2.0 FF lens?
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Lens equivalent depth of field [duplicate]

This question is ported directly from Physics SE, because the guys there believe this is the right place for it. In digital photography, there's the principle of lens equivalency, according to which, ...
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How is depth-of-field affected on micro format cameras? [duplicate]

One of my favorite qualities of large apertures (besides the low light capability) is their characteristic shallow focus that can offer dramatic background blur. I've been considering how a micro ...
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Depth of field: 28mm & crop vs 50mm & full frame [duplicate]

I've seen the posts about the angle of view being the same for a 28mm lens on a 1.6 crop sensor as for a 50mm lens on a full frame. I understand it. But what about the depth of field. Will that ...
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For the same attainable sensitivity, how does DOF depend on sensor size? [duplicate]

It's well known that all other settings being the same, larger sensor translates into a shallower DOF. However, for the same number of pixels, doubling linear size of the sensor size would quadruple ...
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What is the "exposure triangle"?

What is the exposure triangle? How do the "sides" affect my photographs?
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What exactly determines depth of field?

There are several questions here about the definition of depth of field, about focal length, and about subject distance. And of course there's the basic how does aperture affect my photographs. And ...
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What is "Hyperfocal Distance"?

I'd like a clear & easy-to-understand (especially for non-physics-types) explanation of what Hyperfocal Distance is, how it affects photographs, and what determines its value.
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Does my crop sensor camera actually turn my lenses into a longer focal length?

So, I mount a 200mm lens on my Canon 450D. It effectively becomes a 320mm lens. Is this the equivalent of 320mm on a full frame camera? That is, from what I've figured out I get an equivalent field of ...
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Why does a bigger sensor lead to a shallower depth of field?

It has been mentioned at a few places that a larger sensor results in images with a shallower depth of field. Example image: APS-C Canon 30D left, FF Canon 5D right, same lens¹, same composition, ...
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Is crop-factor a bad thing?

It seems to me that there is a preference for full-frame sensors rather than cropped sensors, and I'm curious as to why. It seems to me, that the cropped sensor means that I get more bang for my buck ...
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Is replacing all my Fujifilm gear with this Canon zoom lens an upgrade?

I'm a hobby photographer. I like taking portraits, which I often do at festivals and conventions. I usually take the following gear: Fujifilm X-T2 (an APS-C sensor mirrorless camera), a 16-55mm f/2.8 (...
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Is it physically possible to build a long zoom (17-300 mm for example) at an aperture value of around 1.4 or 1.2?

I'm curious if the physics allow a company to build such a lens of course with good IQ, minimal color aberration, maximum sharpness, and little to none lens vignetting or edge softness
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Are there general rules for selecting the correct shutter speed and ISO in manual mode?

I have purchased my first DSLR (a Canon 500D) and have been playing around quite a lot within the aperture priority mode, with auto shutter speed and ISO. Anyways as I would like to become a better ...
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Why no zoom lenses with a maximum aperture wider than f/2.8?

I can understand that a zoom lens with a maximum aperture wider than f/2.8 would be difficult and costly, but it seems like something pros would kill for. Surely it can't be more expensive (if its ...
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