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Why do my photos look different in Photoshop/Lightroom vs Canon EOS utility/in camera?

I've recently been shooting in raw with my new 100mm usm is macro but I'm getting strange results in out of focus areas with bright colours in. I've used Lightroom for ages and not had any issues with ...
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RAW files store 3 colors per pixel, or only one?

Ken Rockwell says that camera makers consider the individual R/G/B sensors when they talk about megapixels. So the image below would be a 6x6 pixel camera, not 3x3 as you would imagine. If that's ...
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Lots of noise in my hockey pictures. What am I doing wrong?

I often take pictures of hockey players but they have a lot of noise and look very bad. I guess my lens doesn't have a big enough aperture, but I'd like to know what I could do to take better shots. I ...
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Blown out blue/red light making photos look out of focus

I've only recently started taking photos and got into shooting concerts in a small venue that has neither a pit, nor proper lighting. All they use is some kind of simple LED array. The thing is ...
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Why does the histogram of an image depends on the software that opened it?

If I open a raw image in Photoshop and Paintshop pro their histograms and their look is different. However, if I open a Jpeg image in both Software, then their histogram and look is the same. What ...
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Best ways of photographing at a concert/festival

Lighting at concerts is usually very difficult to manage. My photos always end up blurry/needing an awful lot of post-processing afterwards. What would be the objective best way to shoot these ...
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Is there any benefit to RAW+JPG being two separate files on Nikon?

Using Nikon D5500 & Nikon ViewNX-i When I first started taking photos I saved as JPG. After less than a month, received wisdom told me RAW was going to be a better, if larger, option & I've ...
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RAW in ACR vs JPG in ACR

Photoshop has now given the facility to open and edit JPEGs and other non-RAW file formats using Adobe Camera Raw. One doesn't have to shoot RAWs to do some heavy edits. So is there still any benefit ...
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Can I save color images while reviewing them in B&W with an EOS camera?

Is there a way I can take RAW color images with a Canon EOS camera while reviewing them in B&W on the LCD screen on the back of the camera? Sometimes I might want a color image but would like to ...
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Is the Preview file always the photo taken by the camera?

When I take a photo with a digital camera (I own many*), I can preview it with the ▶︎ button. However, sometimes, cameras will displays a Preview photo that seems of a different quality than the ...
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How to reproduce camera noise reduction using open source software?

I have unsuccessfully tried to reproduce the camera's (Canon EOS 2000D) noise reduction algorithms using open source software when post-processing RAW (.CR2) files. Specifically, the camera's noise ...
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color to black & white photo...back to color mishap

What do you think I pushed to make my Canon 6D take black and white photos? Initially, I was taking colored photos. About 12 pictures were converted in gray and then I continued to take colored ...
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