I just got this camera as a present as the preowner does not need it anymore.

I would like to know which cables fit these slots (and eventually what they are for).

enter image description here

Any help is appreciated.


The ports appear to be a micro-HDMI and a "multi connector".

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    It may be helpful if you could tell us the model and the maker of the camera - it's really difficult to guess just from one shot.
    – gerlos
    Jul 11 '18 at 14:53

While there are certainly people who can identify the ports from looking at them, it is sometimes the case that cameras use proprietary connections with standard-seeming connectors. Rather than this method of investigation, it'd be better to start with the brand and model number of the camera and then to find the manual online — this is easily done with any major (or minor but legitimate) brand camera made in the last two decades. The manual ­will explain. (There will likely be a labeled diagram in the first few pages identifying all of the controls, dials, switches, and ports.)


Go to the manufacturer's website where you can download owner's manuals. In the manual there will be specific details as to the names of the ports and how they're used.

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