I've just bought a Yongnuo RF-600TX transmitter but it looks like it doesn't work with my YN-560 IV flash. Does anyone know how to set up these things?

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    How have you tried to set them up and what happened? – Michael C May 24 '18 at 4:27

The RF-600TX is a Yongnuo RF-602 transmitter (just without the PC input port on top).

The YN-560 IV defaults to using the RF-603 communication protocol, which is different. You have to set it to use the 602 communication protocol if you want to remotely fire your flash from an RF-600TX transmitter.

The manual says that this is an "Advanced Options Setting". To access it:

  1. Press the [Illumination/Sound] and [MODE] buttons at the same time to enter the menu for setting the options.

  2. Press the [UP] or [DOWN] buttons until you are on the rF setting.

  3. Press the [RIGHT] or [LEFT] button to change the setting from 60 3 to 60 2.

There aren't instructions in the manual for getting out of the menu, but I'd assume hitting the [SET] button in the middle of the four-way buttons would do it.

After you've done that, so long as the flash is in radio slave mode and set to use the same channel as your RF-600TX, they should communicate with each other.

  • There are illustrations to go along with cursory instructions on how to set the YN-560 III to RF-602 mode and how to set the channel selector to match the dip switches on the RF-600TX in this article at Flash Havoc. The YN-560 IV should be pretty much the same. – Michael C May 24 '18 at 9:52
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    @MichaelClark Thanks. Have updated with links to the FH graphics. – inkista May 24 '18 at 20:41

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